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Diversity Day of Learning to broaden perspectives

Event will be webstreamed live

The Office of Diversity, Access and Equity will combine efforts with University Human Resources to host the Diversity Day of Learning on Wednesday, Jan. 26 in Human Resources and Training Center 141.

To watch the Diversity Day of Learning live on the Web, click here

The first-time event will kick off the monthly Diversity Seminar Series. The day will feature engaging and interactive discussions with numerous faculty and staff, who will be sharing their life experiences as it relates to issues of diversity in the workplace.

"The primary objective of the day is to bring to the forefront the diversity of our staff and wanting to further our quest for an environment sensitive to this diversity," said Linda Lonsinger, UHR chief human resource officer.

The panels will address many topics, including socioeconomic, race and class issues; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues; and gender issues.

Panelist Renea Morris, who is the executive director of University Communications and Marketing, will discuss the challenges of being an African-American woman in a position of leadership.

"I don’t think we've arrived at being a color-blind society," Morris said. "But if we get to a place where we can accept the basic differences between people, it'll be a start."

Teri Combs, who helped coordinate the event for University Human Resources, believes that experiences shared by panelists will help attendees increase professional development.

"If people walk away learning something new, meeting someone new, or having a new appreciation for their colleagues, I think the day would have been a success," Combs said.

The more than 20 panelists will be asked to answer the same questions as their counterparts during each session.

"My hope for this program is that it will raise the level of awareness and sensitivity to issues such as race and gender, and will give people an opportunity to be more tolerant," Morris said. "It will also help people be more sensitive to the struggle that each individual has gone through."

Faculty and staff can register for the Diversity Day of Learning by contacting UHR at 740-593-1636. The CATS shuttle bus will be available to drop attendees off at the HRTC building throughout the day.

For more information about the Diversity Day of Learning, click here.