Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Renea Morris, executive director of communications and marketing

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UCM provides extensive services to OHIO

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is committed to promoting the University’s excellence and providing the community with up-to-date, useful information – in whatever form works best.

Our vision is to become a trusted strategic partner across the University to not only elevate the brand but also to serve the media and informational needs of the OHIO community, in Athens and across our regional campuses. It is a vision that touches every person affiliated with Ohio University in some way.

UCM works to achieve its vision in a startling number of ways by:

  • Writing press releases
  • Pitching potential news stories
  • Maintaining the University’s social media accounts 
  • Producing multi-media productions
  • Establishing and maintaining connections with national media, and coaching members of the OHIO community in working with them
  • Protecting the University’s good name
  • Creating a wide range of print materials for use in student recruitment and retention
  • Managing the University’s academic marketing campaign efforts
  • Developing new content for our publications, Ohio University Compass and Compass Points

Much of this content goes onto Ohio University Compass, the new home for OHIO news. The result of a redesign in the spring, Ohio University Compass provides readers with the most recent and comprehensive source for OHIO news on the Internet.

There are millions of stories on OHIO’s campuses, just waiting to be told. And, whether you’re hoping that it will go viral online, recruit a new student, become a national news headline, or a story across OHIO, UCM is here to help you, inform you and connect you with the University community and beyond.