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OHIO announces student contest

University Communications and Marketing (UCM), in collaboration with the University's Alumni Association and Culinary and Dining Operations and local bookstores, are excited to announce a new contest – a photo scavenger hunt!

The hunt, which will last from noon on Friday, Sept. 10 until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 13, includes specific landmarks across OHIO's Athens campus. The contest is not exclusive to Athens, however. Students at the regional campuses and in distance learning programs will have their own list.

Students will take pictures at these landmarks and submit them to enter the contest. Images can be uploaded - through a photo-sharing website such as Imgur* - or students can e-mail their images directly to news@ohio.edu.

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Renea Morris has hopes that this contest will help students settle into Athens.

“The beauty of our campus is the 'closer' for many of our students when choosing OHIO,” Morris said. “Getting more familiar with some of the iconic makeup of the campus and town will help new students get acclimated quickly, enabling them to call this special place - Ohio University - home.”

Tasha Attaway, web content manager and the creator of the contest, said the Twitter contest will appeal to all students on the Athens campus.

“My initial intent was to find a fun way to help new students become more familiar with the campus and to give returning students an incentive to visit some spots they might not have a chance to see in their everyday lives,” said Attaway.

A full list of locations will be released by UCM via Twitter* and Facebook* on Friday, but among them is Latitude 39, OHIO’s casual dining restaurant in Baker University Center.

"Latitude 39 Casual Dining has been transformed to become a great place for students, as well for as faculty and staff," said Gwyn Scott, executive director of Culinary and Dining Operations. "We are excited to participate in this contest, help new students discover Latitude 39 and bring back some familiar faces."

Attaway hopes that participating in the scavenger hunt will give students an opportunity to learn about the campus – even those who already think they know Athens inside and out.

“I think it will be nice for seniors because it will give them a chance to record some of their favorite campus hangouts, as well as rediscover places they may not have been in a while,” she said. “In addition, the fall is one of the best times to take pictures of our beautiful campus.”

There are two prize packages for contest participants – one will be presented to a first-year student and another to an upperclassman.

“We want to let students know Ohio University is on Twitter. We work hard to make our account a useful tool for the university community,” said Jill Bateman, social media manager.

She added that Twitter would also be used to determine if UCM would sponsor contest like this in the future.

“Twitter has given us another avenue to connect with students to let them know what’s happening around campus and participate in conversations,” she said. “If we find that people like contests, we will have more. Believe me, people will tell us if they like them or not!”

A full list of locations for students to find, along with contest rules, will be available online.

Contest winners will be announced by Sept. 15.

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