Sunday, Oct 22, 2017

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Athens County urges caution, requests volunteers stay out of The Plains

According to a release sent out by Athens County, emergency personnel are continuing to respond to the damages caused by last night’s severe weather and possible tornado. Crews are currently at work clearing debris caused by the severe weather.

County officials request that everyone returning to their homes in The Plains use extreme caution.

The electricity has been shut off to The Plains, but officials are concerned that with so many people running generators in that area, those generators may be backfeeding electricity into the power lines.

Even with the electricity shut off, county officials advise people to continue to use extreme caution around any power lines.

Those using a generator in their home or business are advised to make sure that it is properly ventilated. Using a generator inside a building that is not properly ventilated could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

If anyone needs assistance today, they should call the 211 Information Line.

Athens County appreciates all of the outpouring of support. While volunteer help is appreciated, we do not want volunteers in The Plains at this time because work crews are still clearing The Plains and trying to make it safe.

In any area where there is damage, site seeing is to be avoided at all costs. Johnson Road is closed to Columbus.

Nelsonville city officials have confirmed that no homes were damaged in the city of Nelsonville.

Damage in York Township occurred in the County Road 1, Matheny Road area. Damage also occurred in the city of Athens in the East State Street area around the Autotech business.

Damage assessment is taking place in Athens County at this time. Athens County will release additional information as it becomes available.

Athens County Job and Family Services has closed The Work Station in The Plains, but the Job and Family Services offices at the County Home and in Athens are open.