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Scientists talk with non-scientists at Science Cafés

Gar Rothwell to host first meeting on Wednesday

Distinguished Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology Gar Rothwell will present the first Science Café of fall quarter, "Paleobotany and Plant Evolution," at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Baker University Center Front Room.

Science Cafés are free venues for anyone interested in  science and engineering to meet and discuss current science topics with faculty, staff and the community. The cafes are sponsored by the Ohio University Chapter of Sigma Xi and the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA).

Sarah Wyatt, vice president of Sigma Xi, said Science Cafés were started at the University to enhance undergraduate education and awareness in science as well as to showcase the scientific research taking place on campus.

"It's not your standard lecture or PowerPoint presentation,” Wyatt said. “It's more of a discussion. It’s very interactive. It's like show-and-tell. [The speakers] kind of try to figure out how to just talk to a non-scientific group of people about science, what science is and what's cool about it."

Wyatt asked that students not be dissuaded from attending meetings because they think the discussions will be too "out there," and encourages students of all majors to attend.

"It's science for everybody," she said.

For a complete schedule of Science Café presentations, visit the Science Café website.