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Steve Skidmore

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Steve Skidmore takes helm of WOUB engineering

For more than 30 years, David Wiseman worked in the Telecommunications Center at Ohio University.

During his tenure, the broadcast business changed in numerous ways. Since WOUB-TV went on the air in 1963, Wiseman has been around for almost every technical change that happened. He’s seen new transmitters, the addition of a transmitter in Cambridge, Ohio, and most recently, Wiseman ‘flipped the switch’ to digital television in 2009. Wiseman retired from the WOUB Center for Public Media on June 30.

Steve Skidmore will take over the position held by Wiseman. For the past several years, Skidmore has served as director of IT and Technical Operations and has been employed with the WOUB Center for Public Media for 26 years.

“Dave has been my mentor for 20 years,” said Skidmore. “I’ve been heavily influenced by what Dave did in this position, since he was so successful.”

According to Skidmore, everything has changed about the way the broadcast business operates. “It used to be if something broke we’d order a part and replace it. These days it’s all run by computerized software, which is just a whole new way of doing things,” said Skidmore.

Skidmore says the changes in broadcast engineering have been enormous over the years and he only expects it to continue. “I anticipate the broadcast field to continue to see large changes over the next few years. It seems there are constant changes in technology these days.”

“I’m very excited at the prospect of taking over the engineering department. Dave Wiseman has left some big shoes to fill, but I’m up for the challenge,” said Skidmore.