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Roads Scholars

Joyce Beatty, senior vice president of outreach for Ohio State University, and State Senator Jimmy Stewart walk across OHIO's campus.

Photographer: Pat Oden


Stewart and Beatty greet President Roderick J. McDavis outside of Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

Photographer: Pat Oden


The two universities celebrated their numerous partnerships with a commemorative card.

Photographer: Pat Oden

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Roads Scholars Tour visits OHIO

Ohio State University president, faculty thank OHIO for its partnership

On Wednesday, Ohio State University’s (OSU) Roads Scholars Tour paid a visit to Ohio University to celebrate the universities’ newly enhanced partnership.

During the annual two-day tour, the OSU group visits the locations of the university's key partnerships to witness the reach and impact that teaching, research and service have on communities and residents across the state.

The visit to OHIO celebrated the two universities numerous collaborations.

In recent years, Ohio University and OSU have collaborated on numerous projects ranging from major social and scientific issues like climate change to statewide community events like the Pelotonia bike tour.

“The partnerships Ohio University faculty have forged with their peers at Ohio State University benefit our students, our communities and the state of Ohio,” said Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis. “The synergy of these collaborations will continue to lead us to solutions for the challenges of our state, nation and world.”

McDavis greeted the OSU representatives at the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. Joining McDavis were members of executive staff, Distinguished Professors, Eminent Scholars, deans, chairs and directors, and center and institute directors.

The tour arrived with more than 50 of OSU's newly hired faculty and recently appointed senior level staff members.

OSU President E. Gordon Gee began the Roads Scholars Tour* in 1997 and since then, more than 800 new faculty members have traversed the state learning about OSU's partnerships with other universities and organizations.

“These tours are enormously valuable to me and to Ohio State’s new faculty,” said Gee. “Seeing our partnerships in action across the state is the most meaningful way to truly understand the great power and promise of public higher education. Our work to change lives and improve communities is amplified to great effect by our many and growing collaborations with Ohio University.”

After leaving Ohio University, the tour continued on to Pomeroy, Ohio.

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