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The intersection will be open in all directions on July 23.

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Intersection expected to be operational by July 23

Lane closures and art installations to precede intersection’s opening

According to recent estimates by the City of Athens, the Richland Avenue/ SR 682 Improvement Project, commonly called the roundabout, is delayed. Previous projections had the intersection opening July 11. 

The road closures on Richland Avenue and SR 682 are part of the second phase. Richland Avenue is expected to re-open to traffic on July 16, and SR 682, west of the intersection, is expected to re-open to traffic on July 23. 

Shelly and Sands, Inc., the project’s contractor, will be working July 10 and, possibly, July 11 to complete concrete work and grading on Richland Avenue.  

In a press release, the city said that, “Next week the contractor will be paving and installing temporary striping on Richland Avenue and SR 682 east of the intersection and will be continuing work on the pedestrian tunnel.”

The construction team will pour concrete on the west half of the bridge and artists will install their artwork in the roundabout’s center.

The release also warned of temporary lane closures early Monday morning, during the installation of permanent bridge lighting. The installation will happen between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. and will require a temporary lane closure on the Richland Avenue Bridge. The bridge will be open to two-way flagged traffic.   
For more information please call the Engineering and Public Works Department, 593-7636.