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Thread Magazine is newest fashion publication on campus

Thread Magazine, a new student-run fashion publication on Ohio University's campus, launched April 29 and is available online at www.outhreadmag.com.


As the magazine's tagline states, "Athens culture, stylishly tailored", the publication hopes to be accessible for every type of person interested in fashion, regardless of style type or inspiration. Thread Magazine was started when a small group of Ohio University students saw a void in the fashion coverage in Athens and at Ohio University and wanted a free forum for discussion.


Thread Magazine has a unique approach in that the publication is completely virtual and online. This will allow the magazine to be accessible at all times and attract readers from outside of the Athens area. While there is an obvious interest in fashion among OU students, the amount of fashion exposure in the local media was lacking, and Thread Magazine was created to become that outlet.


"With the digital age taking front stage, Thread will be able to inform, excite and showcase the entire publication through social media, design and multimedia" said Jamie Ratermann, Thread founder and editor-in-chief. "I couldn't find a publication that fully embraced the subject of fashion and style to readers."


The name "Thread" was chosen because of the direction connection to clothing, but also based on the idea of the magazine giving out threads of communication and information to readers. The purpose of Thread is to give readers the extra confidence to develop their own personal style and to showcase cultural influences in the Athens area.


Thread Magazine features three main sections. The Seams section looks into popular, global fashion trends that can translate from the runway to Athens and Ohio University. The section will zoom in on personal style and unique self-expression in Athens through profiling Athens residents and Ohio University students. The DIY section will focus on style that celebrates individuals putting personal touches on popular designs to create their own unique look. The Who, What, Wear section will go "behind the scenes" at local events and investigate the purpose of and meaning behind what people wear. The section focuses on influence and why people wear what they do to specific places.


The full-feature magazine is released twice a quarter and highlights strong photography and design completed by talented Ohio University Visual Communication and Journalism students. For more information about Thread Magazine, to schedule an interview with an editor or for photography samples, contact Andrea Teggart at 419-308-3404 or andreateggart@gmail.com.