Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Photographer: Kevin Riddell

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Meet May Classified Employee of the Month Lynne Chapman

Outlook features a Q&A with the non-bargaining Classified Employee of the Month. Each month, Classified Senate selects an employee to acknowledge and recognize as someone who is setting
high standards for excellence and innovation. The monthly Outlook feature, titled "Great Job," will provide a glimpse into the honoree's life at and away from work.


Q&A with Lynne Chapman, administrative assistant in the College of Osteopathic Medicine:

How surprised were you to win the Employee of the Month award?  

I was totally taken off guard. A co-worker was setting up a breakfast and flowers when I stuck my head in her office to see what she was doing. She indicated that it was another co-workers
birthday and she could not find a vase for the flowers. Being helpful as always, I told her that I was going to check on the coffee supplies and I knew where there was a vase in the coffee room. To my surprise the flowers were presented to me.

What is your job title, how long have you worked at Ohio University?

I am an administrative assistant for the College of Medicine and have been here for 12 years. My office location has changed several times, but I have worked under Sharon Zimmerman and my immediate supervisor Jill Harman.

What are the coolest things about your job?

My main job is tracking OU-COM alumni and preparing state and federal reports. The coolest thing is the opportunity to read the returned surveys and learning of the neat places and great things our graduates have done; e.g., developing new techniques or procedures that save lives, or, in one instance spending time overseas and ending up adopting a child and changing their life forever.

What is your hometown? 

I was born in Colorado Springs, Colo., and traveled all over the United States and several places outside of the United States while  my father was in the Air Force. I met my husband while our fathers were stationed on Anderson AFB, in Guam. My husband returned to Athens to begin college. We were married in 1973 and Athens became our hometown.
What does working at Ohio University mean to you?

Ohio University is a good place to work, offering the community a vast diversity of cultures from all over the world and in its many years of existence has been community minded.

What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to retire and have time to enjoy my grandchildren.
What was the last good book you read?  

Most of the books I read are western, Christian oriented.

If you weren’t in your present job, you would probably be working as a  ______. Why? 

I would work as a caregiver for my grandchild. I worked for The Plains Elementary for 11 years and there is just something special about watching a child learn and grow. I want to be part of helping my grandchildren learn and grow and if money was not an object that would be where I would be.

What things in life are the most important to you? 

I have the best husband in the world and four great children, two girls and two boys. Life has taught me that you need to keep what is the most important to you close and make time for them. Even with a busy work schedule, we always try to make family time. My children still travel to Athens from Columbus and Cincinnati for family activities.   

How do you relax outside work? 

I walk, read, watch TV, and visit with family.
What is something most people don’t know about you? 

In high school, I swam on the Air Force base “Marlins” swimming team. In the summer of 1969, I went to Japan to compete in a Southeast Pacific AAU swimming competition where I took first place in the backstroke!