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University reminds everyone to conserve energy

Extreme temperatures are stressing water chillers

The first two weeks of July have brought the hottest temperatures of the year to Athens and the toll has been significant on Ohio University's chillers, which provide cold water to air cooling systems on campus.

With temperatures reaching more than 90 degrees lately, Executive Director of Facilities Management Mike Gebeke said the university's approximately 120 chillers are over capacity because they are not designed to run efficiently at temperatures more than 85 degrees.

"The extreme temperatures have led the chillers to become stressed and less efficient," Gebeke said. "Our electricity usage on campus is going through the roof because of the use of air conditioners. We appreciate any efforts by campus community members to reduce their energy consumption during this period." 

Gebeke said people can save energy by doing a few simple things. They should increase the temperature on building and office thermostats to reduce the use of air conditioning; make sure small appliances in offices and break rooms (i.e., coffee makers, fans, lamps) are not wasting energy and turn off lights whenever possible.

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