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City smoke testing begins July 12

Testing to find sanitary drain connections

The City of Athens Engineering and Public Works Department will be conducting a sewer investigation in the area of N. Court St., W. State St., N. Congress St., Fern Alley and Rose Alley in the City of Athens, Ohio, July 12-16.

The intent is to find sanitary sewer connections in an old city storm sewer along Court Street, in order to remove these connections during a future construction project.

On Monday the city will conduct smoke testing, in which a large amount of smoke will be pumped into the sewers. It is possible that smoke will show up above buildings by exiting plumbing vents or even inside your building if the plumbing is not vented properly. City officials said they do not anticipate any major disruptions to homes or businesses.

Later in the week, city representatives will make contact with building owners in order to access the building and conduct dye testing in the drains. The city wants to find potential sanitary drain connections, so that the waste can be sent to the correct sewer and treated rather than have it enter the river untreated.