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Summer Sessions start June 21

More than 1,000 courses are offered in two sessions

For some, summer is a season to sit on a beach, sink their feet in the sand and think of anything but academics. But for others, the season represents an opportunity to get a jump on classes and credit hours.

Ohio University's Summer Sessions starts Monday, June 21 and continues, in two sessions until Aug. 27. The first session goes from June 21 through July 23 and the second from July 26 through Aug. 27. With the shorter sessions, it is recommended that students register for classes before June 21.

Summer Sessions are not reserved to a single major or college, or even to undergraduate or graduate courses. A wide variety is offered to help advance almost any academic interest.

Pam Brown, director of Summer Sessions, Ohio University Online and Winter Intersession, said that pinning down an exact number is difficult, but more than 1,000 courses are being offered for summer 2010.

Brown said that keeping a foot in academia over the summer can have many unexpected benefits.

"Summer provides an extra opportunity for students and faculty/staff to retake a course, concentrate on just one course, take something just for fun, participate in special programming such as travel opportunities, register for a class that is often difficult to get into, catch up if you are behind, or get ahead to meet additional career goals," she said.

And, with the wide number of subjects offered comes a plethora of options for how courses are offered.

"We offer on-campus traditional classes, 100 percent online classes, blended classes, and compressed classes -- classes that are duration of less than 5 weeks," said Brown.

Though summer students can experience summer classes while sitting in their living room in pajamas, it is no reason to take the courses any less seriously. Brown advised students to "jump full steam into class on day one because summer breezes by."

Those who decide to participate in Summer Sessions on the Athens campus will get to enjoy different side of campus culture.

"Summer is different because it is an optional quarter; campus is much more relaxed and enjoyable, classes are smaller, and some of the offerings provided are only offered in the summer," Brown said. "It's a chance for faculty to offer and for students to take something different that may not be offered again."