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Faculty Senate meets for final time this academic year

Group passes nine resolutions on a variety of topics

Faculty Senate concluded its work for the 2009-10 academic year on a high note, passing nine resolutions in less than two hours at its June 7 meeting. Though the second readings and votes went quickly, all of the passed resolutions were the result of much debate and deliberation at previous meetings.

The resolutions varied widely on topics and intent. They included quarters to semesters, housekeeping and the possible incorporation of a representative from the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs to the Faculty Senate.

All passed resolutions must be signed by Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit to become policy and go into effect.

The first round of resolutions was proposed by Allyn Reilly, professor of music and chair of the Educational Policy and Student Affairs Committee (EPSA). Included was a motion to define full-time status of OHIO students as 12 credit hours, as opposed to the university’s current standard of 11 credit hours. This one hour increase brings OHIO in line with federal financial aid regulations. If it is approved, it will become effective during the first Summer Session in 2011.

Reilly's committee also proposed a resolution to simplify and strengthen the university's academic probation policies. Finally, EPSA proposed a restriction on the number of times that an undergraduate may retake a course to improve upon their previous grade.

The Promotion and Tenure Committee's (P&T) resolutions were presented by senate member Joseph Slade, professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies. They included a resolution clarifying the consideration of interdisciplinary work in promotion and tenure guidelines.

Additionally, P&T passed a resolution clarifying promotion and tenure proceedings in "Procedures for Tenure and Advancement in Rand and Recommendations for Salary Increase." This addressed previous concerns about a lack of communication between departments and schools prior to promotion and tenure decisions.
The Professional Relations Committee (PRC), chaired by Sherrie Gradin, professor of English, proposed three resolutions. The first addressed the "appropriate creation of academic units."

The second addressed the addition of a senator from the Voinovich School. The vote, which called for a 2/3 majority, because it referred to changing the "Faculty Handbook's" constitution, was done by ballot. It passed with the required majority and will be taken up by the university’s faculty in a university-wide vote next academic year.
The final resolution by the PRC included the Voinovich School in a section of the "Faculty Handbook" that calls for a professional ethics committee to be established.

The last resolution of the evening was put forth by Finance and Facilities (F&F), which is chaired by Scott Titsworth, associate professor of communication studies. The resolution addressed "intercollegiate athletic funding sustainability" and the dangers of financial inequalities between "major" athletic conferences and "mid-major" athletic conferences.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be at 7:10 p.m. Monday, Sept. 20, in Walter Hall 235.