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Fundraising graph 1

The FY2010 private support by areas.

Graphic courtesy of: Office of Development

Chart 2

The fundraising results for FY2010.

Graphic courtesy of: Office of Development

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Ohio University fundraising report: March

During March, Ohio University received $866,000 in new gifts and commitments. This brings our fundraising total for FY 2009/2010 to $48,411,000.

Highlights for March include the following:

•   $236,000 to support scholarship and student development in the College of Business.
•   $30,000 to support scholarships in the College of Education.
•   $25,000 to support a student advising award in University College.
•   $25,000 to support the Ohio Football program in Intercollegiate Athletics.
•   $25,000 to support WOUB radio programming in the Scripps College of Communication.
•   $16,000 to support the Manasseh Cutler Scholars program.
•   $15,000 to support an endowment in the Honors Tutorial College.
•   New proposals in the amount of $303,000 were presented in the month of March, against the month’s proposal goal of $4,000,000. Proposals to-date in the fiscal year total $60,651,000. 

The full fundraising report can be found here (pdf).
The depiction of the month's results in graph form can be found here (pdf).

Click here to learn more about, Carolyn and Jim Balogh, and their recent endowment to the College of Education.