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Student Senate elections to take place Thursday online

Ohio University Student Senate online elections will take place from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday at http://www.ohio.edu/students/. The election will feature the platforms of two political parties, SOUND and PEAR.

SOUND's platform is the belief that Ohio University can be holistically improved through focusing on preservation, fiscal responsibility, advocacy and quality interactions.

The party's tenant of preservation refers to the idea of trying to hold onto what makes OHIO great, in spite of budget concerns. The fiscal responsibility aspect aims to freeze extraneous expenses by first cutting extra spending done by Student Senate.

Through advocacy, SOUND hopes to collaborate with the Campus Involvement Center and leaders of student organizations to incorporate the voice of student organizations in their future decision making.

Finally, by promoting quality interactions SOUND hopes to collaborate with all existing senate bodies in order to make university events more inclusive and financially efficient. 

PEAR (Prepare to Engage Act and Respond) is running on a platform that supports community outreach through community service, changing OHIO's image, student involvement, improving the freshman and sophomore experience, support for Athletics and making Student Senate more accountable and reliable. 

PEAR's tenant of community outreach through community service aims to encourage students to give back to the Athens community and make them internalize civic responsibility. Changing OHIO's image aims to make the public more aware of the successful programs and academics the university has to offer.

PEAR also hopes to increase student involvement and assist student organizations in programming and event planning. Improving the freshman and sophomore experiences refers to easing students' transition from high school to college.

By supporting Athletics, PEAR hopes they can highlight its importance and make the public aware of what it does for the community. 

Lastly, by "making Student Senate more accountable and reliable," PEAR wants to reform Student Senate and make its senators more accessible to the public.  

For more information about SOUND and PEAR, visit their websites:
http://soundforstudentsenate.com/ and http://www.votepear.com/