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Recycling a priority as school year ends

Recycling & Refuse is ready to help

Now that spring quarter is drawing to a close, the university's Recycling & Refuse Department wants to remind everyone about the importance of recycling.

If you have plans to clear out your office, storage areas, old periodicals, retiring, or even moving to a new location, Recycling & Refuse is willing to help you.

Recycling & Refuse Manager Ed Newman said people don't have to overfill their office or department's existing recycling containers because his department will bring bigger ones and replace them with empty ones when you need more.

"Chances are almost all of what you are getting rid of is recyclables or reusable," Newman said. "We can bring you containers – you fill them up and let us know when they are ready to be picked up and we'll come and get them."

To receive assistance with recycling, call 740-593-2911 to place a work order or submit one online at www.facilities.ohiou.edu/requests/login.php.

For more information about recyclable items, visit