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Lectures highlight Eastern European culture and politics

GAP expands the way OHIO views the world

The third of four lectures in the current Global Awareness Program series is today from noon to 2 p.m. in Baker University Center 231.

Rudiger Steinmetz, professor of media studies and media culture for the Institute of Communications at the University of Leipzig in Germany, will speak about the ways peaceful revolution worked to unify Germany after the Cold War. More specifically, he will focus on the role television played in bringing Germany from one political and social model to another. 

The current GAP lecture series aims to explore the fault lines in the recent history of the former Soviet Union and other nations in Eastern Europe.

"The main goal of the speaker series is to enhance global education at Ohio University by promoting global awareness among students through events featuring noted scholars, researchers, and experts," said Amritjit Singh, English professor and event co-chair.

Singh started the GAP lecture series in 2007 and since then the lecture series has occurred twice a year. GAP aims to expand the awareness of global geopolitical realities and their relationship to American life and public policy. The series is made possible by a grant from the 1804 Fund.

"Through Global Awareness Program activities, we hope to nudge our student's curiosity about the world in order to help them acquire sophisticated knowledge about global geopolitical realities," Singh said.

Yana Hashamov, associate professor of Slavic-East European Languages & Literatures and director of the Slavic Center at Ohio State University, will give the series' final lecture titled "(Re)Negotiating Identities: Representations of Muslim Minorities in Bulgarian Film" at noon on May 19 in Baker University Center 231.

Her speech will examine the cinematic portrayals of minorities, mainly Bulgarian-speaking Muslims and Turks, as they are represented in Bulgarian films from 1972 to 2005.

For more information, contact Series co-chairs Frederick Lewis (lewisf@ohio.edu) and Amritjit Singh (singha@ohio.edu).