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OHIO and Hocking College collaborate on art exhibit for first time

Exhibit runs until June 10

The Multicultural Center Art Gallery in the Baker University Center is the venue for the first artistic collaboration between Ohio University and Hocking College.

The exhibit features a variety of art pieces, including stained glassed window panes, paintings, photographs and art made from recycled materials.

The collaboration came from a conversation Winsome Chunnu, assistant director of multicultural programs for Ohio University, had with Bonnie Proudfout, a faculty member and artist at Hocking College. After talking, they agreed that an artistic partnership would be beneficial for both universities.

"We at Ohio University's Multicultural Center are excited about the collaboration with Hocking College, and we look forward to working with them again in the future," said Chunnu, who oversees the Multicultural Center Art Gallery. "It is always beneficial to work with other schools as well as the community, because we can always learn something new from others."

In addition to being the first artistic collaboration between the two institutions, it is also the first time Hocking College has put together an art exhibit where students and faculty have collaborated, according to Mark Hackworth, coordinator of art design and marketing for Hocking College.

"The connection between students and instructors is the catalyst that inspires students to become inquisitive and diligent in their pursuit of knowledge. Art, by nature, is a collaborative process," Hackworth said.

The exhibit runs until June 10 and some of the art pieces are available for sale.