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Transboundary Enviornmental Peacebuilding and Conflict Assessment

Transboundary environmental peacebuilding is an evolving approach to build trust and cooperation through conservation across national boundaries. These approaches are part of wider efforts to address environment and conflict linkages in ways that help achieve sustainability, livelihoods, and peace goals. Todd Walters will share insights from his work on the ground in settings as diverse as Central America, the Balkans, the Middle East, and the US-Canada border. This session will also feature an introduction by Dr. Geoff Dabelko, co-editor of Environmental Peacemaking and long-time director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program.

Todd Walters is the Founder and Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions, an organization that applies experiential learning within international peace parks to foster an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and collaboration, build a peace park network, and support local communities. Walters holds a Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service at American University. His research focuses on transboundary conservation, environmental peacebuilding, and peace and conflict impact assessments. He has led expeditions around the globe and is a National Outdoor Leadership School certified adventure guide with wilderness first responder (WFR) medical training.

For a short video & info on IPPE, visit: 

http://vimeo.com/16940715 and http://peaceparkexpeditions.org/

This session is sponsored by the Environmental Studies Program and the Voinovich School. For more information, please contact Geoff Dabelko at dabelkog@ohio.edu


Published: Feb 11, 2013