Teen Driver Research Study at Grant

Grant Hospital is looking for 18 and 19-year-old male and female drivers to participate in a three-phase study.

To determine if you are eligible, call Anne Goodman, MPH,Injury Prevention Coordinator, 614-566-9301 or e-mail at

Brief description of the study:

Phase 1 runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ricart Auto Mall off of 33. Participants will take a knowledge test, sit through 2 hours of classroom and perform driving drills. At the end of the day they will get a $50 gas card.

Phase 2 involves coming back to the Ricart Auto Mall for one hour, 3-6 months after they completed Phase 1.  They will re-take the knowledge test and drive each drill once.  They will get a $25 gas card.

Phase 3 involves filling out a survey at the 6-month and 12-month  mark. In order to receive the $50 gas card both surveys have to be sent back to the coordinator.

Published: Nov 1, 0212