How to File a Conduct Referral

For a detailed description of the student conduct process, refer to the Procedure Section of the Student Code of Conduct. The referral process begins when a student or student organization is believed to have violated the code of conduct. Whether it is residential housing staff confronting a room for drinking alcohol, a professor who discovers plagiarism, or an OUPD officer who arrests an intoxicated student, the process begins when there is believed to be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Any member of the Ohio University community (students, faculty, or staff) may file a student conduct referral charging a student or student organization with an offense of the student code of conduct. This person becomes the complainant in the case. The student or student organization being charged with the alleged offense is called the accused.

All student conduct referrals are reviewed by the director of the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility. If the director deems that sufficient evidence exists to warrant further exploration of the complaint through the student conduct process, the next step is for the accused to be scheduled for a procedural interview with a hearing officer. The accused is sent a copy of the referral which includes the charges and a description of the incident, a scheduling letter detailing the date and time of the procedural interview, and the accused’s rights and options as provided in the code of conduct.