Alternative Suspension Program

The Alternative Suspension Program (ASP) provides a student who is facing a first-time suspension for alcohol or drug violations, with the opportunity to remain enrolled at Ohio University on Career Probation. The successful ASP applicant must complete other conditions of sanction which include:
1.  Participants in the program must agree to reside on campus for an additional year beyond the University's two-year residency requirement (a total of 3 years or residency on campus). 
2.  Mandatory community restitution (20 hours per quarter for three quarters, not to include summer).
3.  Regular, mandatory meetings with a mentor or Residential Coordinator. 
4.  Participate in Residence Hall community activities such as Hall Council or Complex Council.
5.  Complete the BASICS program or an alcohol & drug assessment conducted by a licensed substance abuse counselor.
6.  Pay all associated University fees and/or fines.  

How do I apply?

Students who wish to apply to the ASP program must complete an application and submit the application to The Office of Community Standards within three business days of the receipt of the outcome of the student conduct process (i.e. Procedural Interview, University Hearing Board hearing, and Administrative hearing). 

Who decides if I'm admitted into the program?

A four-person committee consisting of representatives from the Dean of Students Office, The Office of Community Standards, the University Hearing Board and Residential Housing will conduct an interview with the applicant and review the applicant's written application. The
decision of the committee is final and not subject to appeal.

Can I still appeal?

You may appeal and participate in the ASP program if:
1.  Your ASP application was denied, you may then appeal the decision of the original hearing. 
2.  You appealed first, your appeal was denied by a University Appeal Board and the Vice President for Student Affairs, you may apply to the ASP Program. 

What if I do not complete all of the requirements of the program?

If you do not complete the requirements of the program, you will face additional charges, including but not limited to, A-18 (Violation of Disciplinary Probation).