State of Emergency

Pursuant to section 3345.26 of the Ohio Revised Code:

The board of trustees or president of a college or university which receives any state funds in support thereof, may declare a state of emergency when there is a clear and present danger or the orderly conduct of lawful activities at such college or university through riot, mob action or other substantial disorder, and may do one or more of the following, as are necessary to preserve order and discipline at such college or university during such emergency:
1.  Limit access to university property and facilities by any person or persons;
2.  Impose a curfew;
3.  Restrict the right of assembly by groups of five or more persons;
4.  Provide reasonable measures to enforce limitations of access, a curfew and restrictions on the rights of assembly imposed pursuant to this section.  

Notice of action taken pursuant to Division 1 of this section shall be posted or published in such manner as is reasonably calculated to reach all persons affected.  

Division of 1.A and 1.B of this section shall not be construed to limit the authority of the board of trustees, president or other proper official of a college or university to impose reasonable restrictions on use of and access to, and the hours and use and access to university property and facilities, for purpose of regulating the proper operation of such university, and regardless of whether any emergency exists.