Review and Standards Committee

The Review & Standards Committee advises the Vice President for Student Affairs on the Community Standards process and the Student Code of Conduct. The Committee periodically reviews goals of educational discipline and effectiveness of disciplinary sanctions, advises on appointments of hearing and grievance boards, and recommends changes in the Student Code of Conduct. Further, it maintains responsibility for developing detailed procedures to be followed in the hearing process.

Any member of the Ohio University community may propose amendments to the Student Code of Conduct.  Proposed amendments shall be reviewed by the Review and Standards Committee in a timely manner. Amendments approved by the committee will be submitted annually to the vice president for student affairs for consideration and recommendation to the president. Any proposed change in code policy is subject to presidential approval and formal action by the board of trustees.

The Committee reports through the Director of Community Standards to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Committee is a Standing Committee, with it's members appointed by the University President.  For more information on the Committee, it's charge, and it's current members, please visit the Student Code of Conduct: Review and Standards Committee website.