Conditions of Sanctions

As a component of a disciplinary sanction, hearing authorities may impose conditions that are educational in nature and reflect the nature and gravity of the offense. Conditions of a sanction may include, but are not limited to:

1.  Educational seminars;
2.  University based intervention programs for alcohol and other drugs;
3.  Reflective essays;
4.  Restrictions on right of access to campus facilities and programs;
5.  Restitution for damage;
6.  Community restitution (community service);
7.  Room changes, and/or;
8.  Other sanctions that are educational in nature.  
Please note:  Failure to complete conditions of sanction by the assigned due date may result in a hold being placed against a student's registration and the possibility of a new referral for a B-3 or A-18 violation.
Alcohol and Drug Education Courses
Prime for Life


Prime for Life is a 5 hour risk reduction program based on the Lifestyle Risk-Reduction Model. The first goal is to help each participant reduce risk for any type of alcohol problem. The second goal is to help participants understand and accept the need to make change to protect the things most valuable in their lives. 
This is an educational program for students who have been sanctioned by the Office of Community Standards and is accepted as a court-ordered educational program within the State of Ohio. Classes are offered several times per quarter.  If students are required to complete the Prime for Life alcohol education course as a condition of judicial sanction, students must register for the next available class by the date and time provided by the Community Standards hearing officer. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of disciplinary probation and will result in additional conduct charges and possible suspension from Ohio University. 
Students will need to come to the Office of Community Standards & Student Responsibility, Baker University Center 349, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to register for Prime for Life using this waiver.

Once officially registered for the next available class, there is a $100 fee to reschedule this class. This re-registration fee applies both for rescheduling an upcoming class or rescheduling a class missed.  Exemptions to the $100 rescheduling fee are rare. If an exemption is requested, students must provide proof based on the following criteria: 

1.  Death in the family (students must provide a dated obituary or program from the funeral).
2.  Medical emergency (students must provide dated proof of services received from a healthcare provider). 
3.  Unique extenuating circumstances (students must contact the Director of Community Standards to explain why the situation is unique at least one week prior to the scheduled Prime for Life class.  Corroborating documentation of this circumstance must be provided.  If an exemption is made, students will be required to register for the next scheduled Prime for Life class). 
BASICS is a two-session program, consisting of an initial two-hour assessment session, followed by a two-week period of self-monitoring, and finalized in a one-hour feedback session. It typically takes 4 weeks for the entire process. The BASICS Program provides:
1.  A confidential, safe setting for students to openly explore their alcohol and other drug involvement.
2.  An assessment of risk for continued alcohol and other drug related problems. Personalized written and verbal feedback to promote reduced risk for alcohol and other drug related problems.
3.  A letter of completion/incompletion to the Office of Community Standards, or court, or probation officer regarding a student's participation in BASICS.


1.  Conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of alcohol and drug use.
2.  Transmit personal information or details about a student's participation in the program to outside referral sources. This creates a level of safety that most students need in order to honestly assess their alcohol use problems.
3.  Result in treatment recommendations or diagnosis that might be required by your court or probation officer; you will need to seek this type of service elsewhere.
More information regarding BASICS can be located on the Counseling and Psychological Services webpage. Students may sign up on the 3rd floor of Hudson Health Center, Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm using this waiver.