Community Expectations

Ohio University has long celebrated its commitment to being an academic community. This legacy includes care, cooperation, and an adherence to standards of behavior for all invited to be part of the community. In order for this community to flourish, the following expectations of behavior have been established:
1.  Ohio University and surrounding communities bring educational activity and living arrangements together as a coherent whole. Given this close and constant interaction, Ohio University expects responsible conduct by students and student organizations both on and off the campus as a necessary condition for continued membership at Ohio University.
2.  Students and student organizations are expected to be responsible members of a diverse community, and to honor and respect differences of culture, lifestyle, and religion. 3.  Academic integrity and honesty are basic values of the university. Students and student organizations are expected to follow student code of conduct standards of academic integrity and honesty. 
4.  The Ohio University community is an open forum involving the free exchange of ideas and opinions. For exchange to occur there must be a continuous acceptance of freedom of ideas and expression and civility in disagreement. 
5.  The Ohio University campus, its grounds, facilities, and equipment are provisions largely from the people of Ohio for students at Ohio University. Students and student organizations are expected to respect and use responsibly these resources of the library, residence halls, classroom buildings, laboratories, and the campus as a whole.