Code B Offenses

A student or student organization found to have violated any of the following offenses will be subject to a sanction or reprimand or disciplinary probation.  Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol does not diminish or excuse a violation of the student code of conduct.
1.  Unauthorized Use of Property or Service - Unauthorized use of property or service or unauthorized possession of university property or the property of any person, organization or business.
2.  Disturbing the Peace - Disturbing the peace and good order of the university and surrounding communities.
3.  Failure to Comply - Conduct covered by this offense includes but is not limited to:
a.  failure to comply with lawful directives of university officials (including residence life staff), law enforcement, or emergency personnel in the performance of their duties (e.g. failure to identify one's self when so requested);
b.  violation of the terms of a disciplinary reprimand.
4.  Unauthorized Use of University Keys or Other Access Devices - Unauthorized use, distribution, duplication or possession of any key or other access device issued for any university building, structure, room or facility.
5.  Misuse of Identification - Transferring, lending, borrowing or altering university identification.
6.  Possession or Use of Marijuana - Conduct covered by this offense includes but is not limited to:
a.  possession of marijuana when such possession would constitute a minor misdemeanor;
b.  use of marijuana;
c.  possession of a device (drug paraphernalia) that has been used to ingest marijuana. 
7.  Unauthorized Use or Alcoholic Beverages - Violation or state law or university regulations in accordance with the use or sale of alcoholic beverages.
8.  Violation of Rules Regarding Residence Halls and Dining Facilities - Violation or the Ohio University Housing Contract, Guide to Residential Living or other published rules and regulations of university residence halls and dining facilities.
a.  Noise
b.  Visitation Violation
c.  Illegal Items
d.  Dining Hall Violation
e.  Empty Alcohol Containers in an Underage Room
f.  Throwing Objects/Taking Screens Out of Windows
g.  Smoking
h.  Pet Visitation Policy
i.  Improper Room Change
j.  Other
9.  Aiding or Abetting - Helping, procuring or encouraging another person to engage in a Code B offense.