Student Code of Conduct Policies

Section 1: Purpose

The university has a clear responsibility in the area of student conduct to protect and promote the pursuit of the Ohio University goals. In keeping with Ohio University's commitment to the intellectual and personal growth of students within a learning-centered community, students and student organizations are expected to be responsible members of the community by complying with federal, state, and local laws, and in addition, must abide by the rules and regulations of the university.

The Ohio University Student Code of Conduct sets forth community expectations for Ohio University students and student organizations as well as those behaviors, occurring both on or off campus, which constitute unacceptable conduct for graduate and undergraduate students of the university. Students and student organizations are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with the student code of conduct at all times. The university does, in addition, reserve the right, for educational purposes, to review any action taken by civil authorities regarding students' behavior. All alleged violations of the student code of conduct may result in referral to the director of the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility.

The student code of conduct is rooted in the philosophy of educational discipline. The student conduct process is a learning experience that spans a continuum beginning with understanding community expectations, to being confronted for behaviors not in keeping with these expectations, through the formal adjudication of alleged violations, and, finally, through delivery and completion of sanctions as warranted. The university makes an effort to educate students and student organizations found in violation of the student code of conduct through a sanction while remaining at the university. However, when a student or student organization is assessed to be a danger to the university community or reputation of the university, or when a repetition of misconduct is likely to occur, the student or student organization will be treated the same as one who has failed academically and may be separated from the university.

Although the university will make every reasonable effort to make the published code of conduct available to students and student organizations, students and student organizations are equally responsible for becoming familiar with the expectations, policies, and procedures contained in the student code of conduct. Questions regarding the code of conduct can be addressed to:

The Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility
T: (740) 593-2629