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OHIO Makes

OHIO Makes is a partnership with Ohio University CoLab, LIGHTS Regional Innovation Network, and ReUse Industries’ Athens MakerSpace.


Through this program, we are offering Ohio University students:

  • Full access to the Athens MakerSpace
  • Trainings in:
    • Sewing and textile work
    • Woodwork
    • Metalwork
    • 3-D printing
    • Laser cutting/engraving
  • Funding for project supplies
  • Faculty expert mentoring


ReUse Industries (ReUse) is a non-profit social enterprise that was established in 1994. The mission of the organization is dedicated to generating economic development through diversion of the waste stream.  In 2018 ReUse opened the Athens MakerSpace (AMS). A 5,000 square foot facility with workspace and tools for woodworking, metalworking, textile arts, 3D printing, electronics, laser engraving and other creative disciplines. This facility allows ReUse to provide a powerful new infrastructure to help support community members and university students alike. AMS has also given the organization the means to process additional waste stream materials for upcycling product-makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs making AMS not just a center for community building, but more importantly a center where students and community members can access the tools and space they need to be successful in their endeavors.


Students throughout Ohio University have a need for increased accessibility to quality tools and workspace. All too often creative and industrious students lack the access to needed tools and space to pursue their ideas and realize their potential. The university has recognized this as a pressing need for its students, and AMS is proud to provide an innovative solution that is mutually beneficial for the university and the local community. 

OHIO Makes is possible because of the Academic Innovation Accelerator program through the Office of Instructional Innovation