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Nov. 4, 2004 Meeting


Oct. 7, 2004 Meeting


Sept. 9, 2004 Meeting





General Membership Meeting

November 4, 2004


Present were: V. Cambridge, P. Cambridge, T. Carr, M. Carr, F. Childs, G. Doston, A. Grant, N. Muhammad.


1. President Cambridge welcomed those in attendance.


2. Matters arising from the last meeting


2.1 Recent communication with the Senates (Faculty, Classified, Administrative), Deans Council, and Chairs and Directors Council.


In COESAD’s quest to open the lines of communication, letters were sent to the above groups making them aware of our existence and th at we are seeking an opportunity to dialogue with them in order to share ideas and concerns that may be of interest to everyone. At this point we have received an invitation from Kathy Krendl to meet with her in December. She has offered 3 dates which she is available. She is also willing to host a lunch time meeting if that is more convenient. It is expected that replies from other groups will follow. Note: Since the November 4th meeting, we are scheduled for a lunch meeting with Provost Krendl on December 13th. We would like as many as possible to attend.


2.2 Professional Development Committee – They will be scheduling a meeting shortly.


2.3 Communication capacity – Ralph Amos has offered COE SAD space on the Alumni Affairs office web server so that we make have an immediate presence on the web. This will give us time to further develop our ideas and designs for a more permanent site.


2.4 Fundraising – There are opportunities to work with the Athletics department to raise funds for COESAD. We can assist with parking at home games during the basketball season football seas on next year and sell concessions during both basketball and football season. We receive a percentage of concession sales (12%) or a minimum of $150.00 during basketball season and for football season and minimum of $250.00 or 12% or the sales. Dining Services provides food items and beverages. For assisting with parking we will receive $200.00


Urban Scholars program – In order to sust ain a scholarship for the program we will need to raise 15K. Several ideas were suggested as to how we could generate those funds. Dr. Cambridge will meet with Carolyn Lewis to discuss how to move forward.


1. 2.5 Social Activities – Many ideas were shared by Anita Grant for social activities for the year. “Tailgreat” parties during Bobcat football home games- Th ere is only one home game left in the football season, which is on November 13th, and it may be too late in the season to pull the event together on short notice. However, Ralph Amos suggested that Alumni Affairs would be willing to assist in this event. Alumni Affairs has tents, tables and chairs we could use if we want to still have the function. We would have to decide how to cater the event. I was agreed that at this point we should plan this activity for n ext football season.


2. An idea given to Anita by Angela Davis was to have an event similar to “First Friday’s” in Lindley Cultural Center. First Friday’s are held in various major cities including Columbus where African-American professionals get together to enjoy food, jazz music, and network. A similar event was held for students in Lindley and was greatly attended. In the same vein, on occasion, we could actually get a caravan together and go to the First Friday event in Columbus, held at the black-owned Brownstone Restaurant. We could also take jaunts down to Charleston and on occasion Cincinnati.


Other ideas were suggested including:


3. Host a dinner/reception for Bill Cosby during his visit in March. Only those COESAD members that have paid their membership dues would be entitled to participate. Unfortunately, Bill Cosby’s contract prohibits him from such activities.


4. COESAD to host a reception in Columbus welcoming Gene Harris, the newest member of the Board of Trustees. Have Alumni in Columbus find a location for the function.


5. Have reception in conjunction with Urban Scholars events showing potential students and their families that there is an African-American community in Athens.


6. Have costume decade parties, i.e., 70s party. Play music from the time period and dress in the fashions of the decade.


Plans for a Holiday Gathering: Since t here really isn’t a place in town to reasonably host a party, it was suggested that we have an event at Konneker or in Lindley.


Other news:


1. A letter was received from R ich Carpinelli, Asst. V.P. for Student Affairs and Director of Baker Student Center asking for members of COESAD to participate in a focus study to plan for the new student center. It is important for us to be involved with the planning and to have a presence in the new center. The meeting was held on November 5th in Lindley Cultural Center. Some of the suggestions that were mentioned included increasing the variety of food vendors to be culturally diverse, insure that the interior designs and displays and artwork are aesthetically pleasing, a state-of-the- art audiovisual sound system in order to pipe in a variety of music, and make space available for the black fraternities and sororities. It was also mentioned that, if possible, there should be a floor for each ethnic group represented on campus.


2. T he Edward Berry House located on Congress St. may be going up for sale. It would be nice if COESAD could buy the house and have it for meetings and social events. Unless we could develop a major fundraising campaign, this would be costly venture for us to undertake.



No decision regarding a December meeting of general membership.


Respectfully submitted,


Anita Grant,

Secretary, COESAD


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *






General Membership Meeting

October 7, 2004



Those present: V. Cambridge, J. Roberson, A. Grant, G. Doston, L. Delerme, R. Phillips, E. Dashiell, G. Oliver, T. Oliver, C. Carthell, M. Jenkins, L. Wright-Myers, K. Harris, C. Perdreau.


President V. Cambridge openly thanked everyone for their participation in the COESAD Presidential Reception.


Discussion began by Dr. Cambridge reiterating points/issues from last spring’s brainstorming sessions. As a result, COESAD’s agenda and projects for this year will be to follow through on those issues. Note: These issues were mentioned at the September 9th meeting and are in the minutes.


A. Grant read minutes from the September 29th Executive committee meeting. Specifically mentioned was the acknowledgement of COESAD’s receipt of letter from Dr. E. Dashiell regarding a matter of grievance with the College of Communication. Dr. Dashiell was present to briefly discuss the case. Similar cases were mentioned by Dr. Wright-Myers in the Dept. of Sociology and by C. Per dreau regarding a colleague in the Education Abroad department. Dr. Doston stated that it’s time for us to break new ground and create the organization we want COESAD to become. To this end, he asked VP, J. Roberson to convene the Professional Development committee to begin work on issues on the table. The Professional Development committee should consider a multi-strategic approach to these issues: A. Public awareness of the issues, B. Public meeting with groups on campus? C. Meet with deans an d other departmental supervisors to raise awareness among this group.


Action Plan: VP will convene meeting of Professional Development committee. Also volunteering to work with committee is L. Wright-Myers.


Treasurer’s Report: Janice Wright was unable to attend meetin g to give report, however, Secretary A. Grant indicated that a meeting held earlier this week with Janice, she stated the budget currently has close to $800.00 and she has a couple of checks to deposit.


Committee Reports:


Communications, Publicity and Community Relations – C . Perdreau shared with everyone a copy of a working draft of the committees goals for this year. A priority for this year is to launch the new and improved COESAD web site. President Cambridge asked the committee to have the website ready by the end of this quarter if possible. Those present gave approval of the report.


Time ran out before other committees were able to make a report.< /p>

Other Business: Just before meeting adjourned, President Cambridge brought forth a proposal submitted by Carolyn Lewis at the executive meeting. She would like for COESAD to sponsor an Urban Scholar Scholarship to the value of between $8,000 - $10,000 The proposal states the specifics as to how this should be carried out. This initiative was received overwhelmingly by those present.


Respectfully Submitted,


Anita Grant

Secretary, COESAD


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *






General Meeting

September 9 , 2004


Those in attendance: V. Cambridge, J. Roberson, J. Wright, A. Grant, C. Bailey-Lewis, P. Gunn, N. Muhammad, G. Doston, D. Williams, L. Delerme, L. Williams, L. Flowers-Clements, F. Childs, C. Perdreau, R. Phillips, R. Amos, G. Kirksey, S. Williams.


  1. With this the first meeting of the 04-05 academic year, President Cambridge provided a recap of issues from the May 25th meeting.


Challenges we face are:

-Insuring organization stability and how do we finance ourselves.

-Participating in various university governance

-Concerns of issues of service and professional development

-External issues

-Social life


After the May 25th meeting a letter was drafted addressing some of these issues and sent to Dr. Glidden and copied to President McDavis. It was suggested that a copy of the letter be distributed to the general body of COESAD.


2. On August 18th, COESAD president Cambridge, J. Wright and A. Grant met with President McDavis to discuss issues addressed in the letter. Dr. McDavis brought up 3 areas of concern he would like to begin dialogue:


  1. Recruitment and retention of faculty, students, staff, and administrators
  2. Campus and community environment
  3. Reinvigorate the Office of Diversity. Begin by hiring an interim Assistant to the President for Diversity (Since this meeting the President has hired Chris Taylor in that position)


A task that we need to work on is updating the COESAD web page. It was suggested that it be moved to a different server, possibly the office of diversity server, to gain better visibility for our constituents.


3. COESAD/AAFASC Historian – N. Muhammad volunteered to serve as historian.


4. J. Roberson asked for nominations to the 5 standing committees. The committees are: Communications, Publicity, Fundraising, Professional Development, Professional/Student Recruitment, and Social Activities. The committee memberships are as follows:


Communications, Publicity, and Community Relati ons

Carolyn Bailey-Lewis, Connie Perdreau, Francine Childs, Gary Kirksey



Ralph Amos, Jessie Roberson


Professional Development

Daniel Williams, Patricia Gunn, Glenn Doston.


It was also suggested that Chris Taylor be consulted on occasion with this committee.


Professional/Student Recruitment

Keith Harris, Daniel Willi ams, Lisa Flowers-Clements, Leslie Delerme, Francine Childs


Social Activities

Travis Gatling, Renard Phillips, Anita Grant


We wish to encourage others who were not present to participate for committees


3. Membership Dues- J. Wright encourage every one to pay the annual dues of $45.00 before the second meeting. Otherwise, it will cost $20.00 per quarter.


4. The COESAD Reception is scheduled for September 28th. So far only 9 RSVP’s have come to Dr. Cambridge. Anot her announcement will go out on the 21st. It is important to respond so that we will know how to plan refreshments. Dr. Childs suggested that using a calling tree may be helpful since people are more incline to respond if they receive a personal invitation. The Communication committee will handle.


5. Other issues – C. Perdreau suggested that COESAD send new board of trustee member Gene Harris a greeting. Also, a reply should be made to the media outlets in support of Mrs. McDavis regarding the controversy of the salary the university is paying her.



The Executive committee will meet with committee members in the next couple of weeks and make a report to the general membership.


Other action steps: The president will distribute a copy of the letter of concern that was sent to Dr. Glidden and President McDavis.



Respectfully Submitted,


Anita Grant

Secretary, COESAD