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The Mis sion
The mission of the Caucus of Educators and Staff of African Descent is to promote, enhance, and engage the progressive development, growth, and well-being of all administrators, staff, faculty, and students of African descent at Ohio University educationally, politically, and communally, as well as provide an open forum for the discussion of the issues and concerns that affect and effect the positive growth and development of people of African descent and other people of color.

The Purpose
To serve as a proactive forum for formulating policy issues affecting administrators, staff, faculty, and students of African descent and to voice and address their concerns at Ohio University and in the Athens community.

Vibert Cambridge, President
Jesse Roberson, Vice President
Anita Grant. Secretary
Janice Wright, Treasurer

Communications, Publicity, and Community Relations
Dr. Francine Childs, Carolyn Bailey Lewis, Connie Perdreau, Kevin Sanders, Brian Wilson


Ralph Amos, Jessie Roberson, JD

Professional Development

Dr. Glenn Doston, Patricia Gunn, JD, Daniel Williams

Professional/S tudent Recruitment
Dr. Francine Childs, Leslie Delerme, Lisa Flowers-Clements, Dr. Keith Harris, Daniel Williams

Social Activities
Anita Grant, Travis Gatling, Renard Phillips   

Others wanting to participate on the above standing committees are welcome to become involved.
Contact: Jessie Roberson, JD


Contact Us
Anita Grant, COESAD Secretary
Head of Circulation, Alden Library

COESAD Annual Membership Dues
COESAD dues may be paid at any time

Make your check for $45, payable to COE SAD

Mail to: Janice Wright, COESAD Treasurer

              Grover Center W165

              Ohio University

              Athens, OH 45701

Questions: wrightj2@ohio.edu


Next Meetings?
Please check this area on the Web site for updates

Executive Team  
Vibert Cambridge, Ph.D.
Jesse Roberson, J.D.
Anita Grant, M.L.S
Janice Wright, M.S.
Ralph Amos, M.P.A
Francine Childs, Ed.D.
Leslie Delerme, M.S.
Glenn Doston, Ph.D.
Lisa Flowers, Me.D.
Travis Gatling, M.F.A.
Patricia Gunn, J.D.
Keith Harris, Ph.D.
Gary Kirskey, M.A.
Carolyn Lewis, M.S.
Najee Muhammad, Ed.D.
Lena Myers, Ph.D.
Connie Perdreau, M.A.
Renard Phillips III, B.A.
Harold Clayton Thompson, D.O.
Dan Williams M.A.
Shelia Williams, M.Ed.
Brian Wilson, B.S.