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Recommendation Areas

Based on the survey results, the Campus Climate Task Force has made several recommendations in 3 areas: University-Wide Internal Communications, Professional Development, and Senior Leadership & Strategic Direction. Recommendations noted as High Potential could be tackled within a few months.  Recommendations noted as Ongoing are currently underway. Recommendations identified as Consider may require more deliberation to better define an effective approach to assess whether the likely impact will be substantially positive.

University Wide Internal Communications

  • (High Potential) Increase employee recognition and use of the university-wide internal newsletter.
  • (High Potential) Rebuild the Faculty/Staff front page with an audience focus.
  • (Consider) Investigate the effectiveness of internal communications in reaching the intended audience.
  • (Ongoing) Units that offer internal services should continue to improve their avenues for receiving lateral communication.
  • (Ongoing) Continue to support the Alert!OHIO system.
  • (Ongoing) Continue to communicate for targeted and selected purposes via media other than e-mail.
  • (Consider) Consider how the online directory could be improved.

Professional Development

  • (High Potential) Improve the orientation process for new employees and for employees changing jobs within the university.
  • (High Potential) Human Resources should work with units to improve annual employee evaluations so that they can be used to inform compensation and employment decisions.
  • (Ongoing) Continue the HR Liaison program.
  • (Ongoing) Continue to identify and publicize opportunities for leadership, management, and supervisory training.
  • (Consider) Consider linking all training opportunities to a single OHIO Employees’ Professional Development website.

Senior Leadership and Strategic Direction

  • (High Potential) Senior leadership should continue to communicate a consistent vision of how OHIO furthers its education mission in this time of change.
  • (High Potential) Review the web presence on strategic initiatives and update the pages to reflect progress and current status.
  • (Ongoing) Senior leadership and the Senates should clarify the pathways for shared governance to impact decision-making.
  • (High Potential) Senior leadership and the Senates should define a process to continue monitoring campus climate.
  • (Ongoing) Senior leaders should continue to find avenues to interact directly with employees.
  • (Ongoing) Continue initiatives to ensure that pay is competitive with national benchmarks and equitable internally.

The Task Force recommends the formation of new committees, one for each of these areas, to determine how to implement the suggestions. Priority will be given to items noted as High Potential, with a goal of making these changes this semester where feasible.