Ohio University

University Committees

University Standing Committees

Each year, based on nominations from the Committee on Committees, the University President appoints members of University Standing Committees. The Chairperson of each committee manages all aspects of committee operations, including communication with members, establishment of meeting schedule and location, development of recommendations, and delivery of recommendations to the appropriate University officials.

University Ad Hoc Committees

  • Benefits Advisory Council - Heather Gould
  • Budget Planning Council - Jacob Jakuszeit
  • Budget Study Group - Tyler Bump and Theresa Meyer
  • Joint Police Advisory Council - Megan Weber
  • Outstanding Administrator - Theresa Meyer
  • Performance Management Task Force - Heather Gould, Serena McCollum, Cyndi Parsons, Shelley Barton, Jennifer Romero, Jacob Jakuszeit
  • Student Services Committee - Tyler Bump
  • Sustainability Committee - Heather Gould
  • Training Advisory Council - Melanie Quolke, Joey Walden, Cheri Sheets, April Butterworth, Maryann Lape