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Meetings and Minutes

Senate members standing with President Nellis in Walter Rotunda

Classified Senate holds monthly meetings the second Thursday of the month from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Meetings are open to the public and all classified staff are encouraged to attend.

All regular monthly meetings are streamed via video conference. Prior to each monthly meeting, an email message will be sent out via the Classified Staff listserv with a link to join that month's as well as the location of the meeting if you wish to attend in person. 

2020-2021 Senate Monthly Meeting Schedule/Minutes1

August 13 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
September 10 Agenda/Minutes
October 8 Agenda/Minutes
November 12 Agenda/Minutes
December 10 Agenda/Minutes
January 14 Agenda/Minutes
February 11 Agenda/Minutes
March 11 Agenda/Minutes
April 8 Agenda/Minutes
May 13 Agenda/Minutes
June 10 Agenda/Minutes
July Closed Meeting - Annual Retreat


2019-2020 Senate Monthly Meeting Agenda/Minutes

August 15 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
September 19 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
October 17 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
November 21 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
December 19 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
January 16 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
February 20 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
March 19 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
April 16 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
May 7 Emergency Meeting Minutes (PDF)
May 21 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
June 18 Agenda/Minutes (PDF)
July Closed Meeting - Annual Retreat


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Archived Minutes

2018-19 Archived Meeting Minutes (PDF)

2017-18 Archived Meeting Minutes

2016-17 Archived Meeting Minutes (PDF)

2015-16 Archived Meeting Minutes

2014-15 Archived Meeting Minutes

2013-14 Archived Meeting Minutes (PDF)

2012-13 Archived Meeting Minutes (PDF)