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Dr. Rebecca Rischin

Since winning first place at the First International Clarinet Competition in Krakow, Poland in 1994, Rebecca Rischin has established an international reputation. She has performed throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States, and her Carnegie Hall solo debut recital in March 2014 was met with a standing ovation. Her first compact disc of unaccompanied clarinet compositions, One of a Kind, was issued by Centaur Records in 2009 to critical acclaim: "Clarinetist Rebecca Rischin has... produced a beautiful new recording with substantial variety, diversity and interest...Her playing demonstrates a fluent and well-controlled technique, and outstanding relative intonation in all registers."-NACWPI Journal. "Rischin serves this music with a clean, clear sound, methodical technique, and mastery of the large register skips and dynamic variation necessitated by the works."-The Clarinet. Her second CD, Clarinet Fantasies, (Centaur, 2017) with pianist Youmee Kim received rave reviews in Fanfare magazine: Rischin won praise for her "enormous virtuosity, whipped cream legato, and beautiful phrasing...Rischin has a superb technique and a musicality to match; her legato line is a joy, and she shades melodies as a singer might... This is a wonderfully life-enhancing disc...Rischin, whose sound reminds me of that of early supporter Richard Stoltzman, plays with a pure, cool tone, a warm but unexaggerated chalumeau, pleasing rubato, subtlety and drama in fitting measure, and an imposing technical facility... Collectors of Romantic fantasies for wind soloists will welcome these new additions to the catalog, and devotees of fine clarinet playing will certainly want to hear Rischin and Kim perform them."

Rischin is currently Professor of Clarinet at Ohio University, where she received the 2002 College of Fine Arts Outstanding Teacher Award and was nominated for the university-wide Presidential Teacher Award. Her students come from all over the world, have won awards both here and abroad, and have established successful careers as performers, music educators, and music therapists. She has given master classes and coachings at universities and schools of music nationwide and has published numerous articles, including for The Clarinet 's renowned "Master Class" series (March 1999) and for The American Music Teacher 's pedagogy series (Oct/Nov 2002). Her ground-breaking book, For the End of Time: The Story of the Messiaen Quartet (Cornell University Press, 2003; 2006), on which she has lectured worldwide in both English and French, has received critical acclaim, and is now out in French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and in paperback, and has been adapted into a screenplay to be made into a motion picture: "By turns moving, astonishing, challenging and funny, it is a story that deserves to be heard. Strongly recommended."-BBC Music Magazine. "The clarinetist Rebecca Rischin has written a captivating book...her research dispels several long-cherished myths about the 1941 premiere...Rischin lovingly brings to life the other musicians...who played with Messiaen, the pianist at the premi¸re."--The New Yorker. "Rischin's illuminating look at the participating personalities and historical context of the creation of Olivier Messiaen's Quatuor pour la fin du temps, one of the greatest artistic triumphs of the twentieth century, provides valuable insight into the complex circumstances surrounding this extraordinary premiere and allows us a very special glimpse into the warmth and strength of the human spirit" (Kent Nagano, Music Director, Montreal Symphony).

A native of San Francisco, at the age of seventeen Rischin was selected by the clarinetist Richard Stoltzman to be the featured soloist at the 1985 San Francisco Mayor's Command Performance. Rischin holds the Bachelor of Arts, cum laude and Master of Music degrees from Yale University, the Doctor of Music degree from Florida State University, and the performance Diploma from the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where she studied under the auspices of a Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship, awarded in 1993 to only two other visual and performing artists in the United States. Her principal teachers were David Shifrin, Frank Kowalsky, Guy Deplus, and Donald Carroll, with supplementary study with Pascal Moragues, Gregory Smith, Joaquin Valdepenas, and David Weber.

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