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Scholarships Financial Aid


Anonymous Scholarship
Awarded to juniors and seniors in the College of Health Sciences and Professions who have demonstrated academic excellence and financial need.

Area Six Health Services Scholarship
Award for junior, senior and graduate students majoring in health professions who are graduates of high schools within the 18 Ohio counties formerly served by the Area Six Health Systems Agency.

College of Health Sciences and Professions Alumni Scholarship
As a result of alumni contributions beginning in 1986-1987, the College has established an endowed alumni scholarship fund. Awarded to students who have demonstrated academic achievement and who have the ability to excel in their chosen field of study.

Drs. Michael & Carol C. Harter Endowed Scholarship for Minorities in the College of Health Sciences and Professions
Established by Drs. Michael, former dean of the College of Health and Human Services, and Carol Harter, former Vice President for Administration to Ohio University. Awarded to minority students enrolled in the College of Health Sciences and Professions and based upon demonstrated academic achievement with financial need considered.

Mary-Lyell Rogers Memorial Scholarship
This award is presented to graduate students in the CHSP disciplines that were part of the former School of Home Economics (dietetics, nutrition, and child and family studies).

Moffitt Endowed Scholarship
No information available.

Hilda Richards Scholarship
Through the generosity of the first dean of the former College of Health and Human Services, Hilda Richards, this scholarship is provided to an African American student enrolled in the College of Health and Human Services and is based upon demonstrated academic achievement and financial need. Dr. Richards served as dean from 1979 until 1986.

Applied Health Sciences and Wellness Scholarships

Russel W. and Ida L. Davis Eglie Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in dietetics or nutrition. First preference is given to a student from Columbiana County, Ohio. This scholarship is renewable if the student meets or exceeds the above criteria.

Carlotta C. Greer Scholarship
An annual scholarship awarded to human and consumer science major
in honor of alumna Carlotta Greer. Based on merit as determined by scholarship, attitude, service to the university and consideration of financial need.

Jane Shellabarger Nocito Family/Pierre Foods Scholarship
Established by Pierre Foods Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, in appreciation for Jane Shellabarger Nocito’s innovative contributions to the company. Jane Nocito studied food science and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S.H.Ec. from Ohio University in 1971. This scholarship is presented to an undergraduate student majoring in dietetics and nutrition.

Vivian Roberts Home Economics Scholarship
Established by faculty, students and alumni in honor of Dr. Roberts’ twenty-six years of dedicated service to the former School of Home Economics as a faculty member and school director. Awarded to selected outstanding freshmen, sophomores or juniors majors based on financial need and merit.

Carl T. Nessley Award
Honors the life and long-standing service of Carl T. Nessley to the field of physical education. Mr. Nessley served 32 years as a member of the university’s physical education faculty and 19 years as associate director of physical education and intercollegiate athletics. Presented to senior majors in the School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness who are considered the most outstanding in terms of academic achievement; personal characteristics; and service to the university, and the community.

Robert W. Sutton Athletic Training Scholarship
Established in recognition and memory of Robert W. Sutton, who earned
a master’s degree with a concentration in athletic training from Ohio University in 1980, and to honor his dedication to helping others as an athletic trainer. Awarded to an undergraduate athletic training major who has demonstrated academic merit, a strong desire to enter the athletic training profession upon graduation, and exceptional ability to learn hands-on athletic training techniques.

Charles “Skip” Vosler Athletic Training Leadership Award
This award, endowed in 2005, recognizes the contributions of Charles “Skip” Vosler and his assistants. From 1971 to 1997, Vosler served as Ohio University’s head athletic trainer and shaped the nationally recognized athletic training curriculum in the School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness. The award recognizes an outstanding athletic training student(s) who has demonstrated excellence in the classroom and leadership as a student athletic trainer while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Outstanding Graduate Student in Athletic Training Award
The recipient of this award was selected by peers based upon the
positive manner in which he or she represents the profession of athletic training and Ohio University, as well as in recognition of academic achievement.

Outstanding Graduates
This award is presented to outstanding graduates in the class for exceptional academic achievement, as well as service to the profession, the school and the community.

School of Nursing Scholarships

Barbara J. Woods Betz Memorial Scholarship
Established to perpetuate the memory of Barbara J. Woods Betz, who
received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Ohio University in 1977, and served as the associate director of nursing at Holzer Medical Center until her death on November 25, 1979. For students pursuing a B.S.N. who show outstanding academic achievement and need. Priority given to students who are nursing alumni of the Holzer School of Nursing and to nurses employed at the Holzer Medical Center.

Jeanne deLeur Beck Scholarship
In honor of Jeanne deLeur Beck, whose childhood dream was to become a nurse, her son Charles W. Beck, Jr. established this endowed scholarship to help others achieve that dream. The award is presented to nursing students in the baccalaureate program in nursing.

Maxine Marquand Erskine Scholarship in Nursing
This scholarship is given in honor of Maxine Marquand Erskine, who served the University from 1948-1978 as a nurse in the Hudson Health Center. Helping to foster the development of nursing students in the region, this award is presented to a student in the baccalaureate program in nursing. First preference is given to residents of Athens County, second to Coshocton County residents, and third to any resident of an Appalachian county.

Lillian Holgate McCracken Memorial Scholarship
Developed to perpetuate the memory of Lillian Holgate McCracken, wife
of Tom McCracken, former dean of Ohio University’s College of Education. It was her desire to see professional nursing advanced in southeastern Ohio. Given to students who show academic achievement, with priority to students who are residents of Athens County.

Clay Family Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Established by the Clay family, this endowed scholarship is presented to
students admitted to the associate degree programs in practical or registered nursing or to the baccalaureate degree program in nursing. Preference in awarding scholarships is given to those from Harrison, Guernsey, Tuscarawas, and Belmont counties in Ohio.
Nursing Education and Retraining for Success (NEARS)
This scholarship program was created to aid individuals who have been unemployed for more than six months. NEARS provides recipients with the financial support to pursue a nursing degree through a full-tuition scholarship. Additionally, support services funds are available to students for emergency housing, child care, transportation and other special needs. Moe information HERE.

Department of Social and Public Health Scholarships

Alcoa Scholarship
Alcoa is the world leader in the production and management of primary and fabricated aluminum and alumina, through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the industry. The company serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets. This scholarship is presented to students majoring in industrial hygiene.

Dr. Franklin B. Carver Environmental Health Sciences Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Dr. Franklin B. Carver, the first coordinator of the Environmental Health Sciences program. He was responsible for the program’s development of one of the few nationally accredited environmental health curriculums in the nation. The recipient must be a sophomore, and first preference should be given to a minority student.

Clifford Houk Industrial Hygiene Scholarship
This scholarship is provided to an industrial hygiene major through the
generosity of retired professor Clifford Houk, who founded the Industrial Hygiene program at Ohio University. The recipient is selected on the basis of academic merit, financial need and demonstrated involvement in extracur-ricular activities, including the Ohio University Industrial Hygiene Student Association and volunteer service organizations.

Charlotte LaTourrette Health Education Scholarship
Established through the estate of Charlotte LaTourrette, professor emerita of the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, who retired in 1971 after 41 years of service to Ohio University. The recipient of this scholarship must be an upperclass student majoring in community health services. Selection based on financial need, academic ability, character, citizenship, and leadership qualities.

Physical Therapy Scholarships

Cynthia C. Norkin Scholarship
Dr. Cynthia C. Norkin, founding director of the former School of Physical Therapy at Ohio University, served as director from 1984-1995. Established in honor of her retirement and presented to a student who has shown evidence of his or her dedication to the physical therapy program. Selection is based upon service, leadership and involvement in the community and in professional organizations.

Joy Boyd Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Joy Boyd, a 1988 alumna of the Physical Therapy program; presented to a student who demonstrates academic merit, a sense of pro-fessionalism, and a dedication to the field of physical therapy, in addition to the strength of character, high idealism, compassion for others, and desire to do one’s best that characterized Joy’s life.

Athens County Education Award
Presented to a graduate student enrolled in the Physical Therapy program. Priority is given to graduates of Athens High School and high schools within surrounding Athens County. Recipients must demonstrate academic merit and continued advancement.

Carole J. Marchal Scholarship Fund
The scholarship honors the memory of Carole Jean Marchal, a 1972 Ohio University alumna who devoted her career as a physical therapist to working with children who often had multiple disabilities. The endowed fund was established in 2005 by her five siblings. The scholarship is awarded to a physical therapy student, with preference given to those from Greenville, Ohio and planning to practice in pediatric physical therapy.

Southpaw Enterprises Scholarship
Franklin D. Howard, a 1974 Ohio University graduate, president and owner of Southpaw Enterprises, Inc., which manufactures products used by physical therapists throughout the world, created this scholarship for students majoring in physical therapy. In selection of the recipient, preference if given to students who have an interest in pediatric physical therapy and/or sensory integration.

Outstanding Clinical Performance Award
Presented to a physical therapy student who has demonstrated an ex-emplary professional attitude, dependability and creativity in clinical settings, and proficiency in technique, communication skills, and documentation skills.

Outstanding Service Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions to various physical therapy organizations such as: the Ohio University Student Physical Therapy Organizations (OUPTA), the Ohio APTA Student Organization and the National American Physical Therapy Association; assignment and activity on physical therapy committees; and volunteering and participating in special assignments given by the Physical Therapy program.

Dr. Po Hickenbottom Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2007 in memory of Po Hickenbottom, a faculty member in the Physical Therapy program, this endowed scholarship goes to a student in the school who exemplifies service to the community and pediatric therapy profession. Preference is given to a candidate who wishes to practice in pe-diatric physical therapy.

Outstanding Graduates
This award is presented to outstanding graduates in the class for exceptional academic achievement, clinical performance, and service to the pro-fession, the school and the community.

Communication Sciences and Disorders Scholarships

Ohio Speech-Language and Hearing Association Award (OSLHA)
Provides a free one-year associate membership to an outstanding un-dergraduate scholar or clinician and a free one-year full membership to an outstanding graduating master’s level scholar or clinician in audiology and speech-language pathology.

NSSLHA Scholarship
This award, provided through fund-raising activities of the Ohio University Student Chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA), is presented to an undergraduate communication sciences and disorders major and NSSLHA member to provide financial support for pursuit of the degree. The recipient will serve on the NSSLHA’s executive board for one year as the Scholarship Chair and will work to plan and implement future fund-raising activities.

Mary Pallay Covell Scholarship
Endowed by alumna Mary Pallay Covell, a daughter of Hungarian immigrants who remembers her own struggle to finance the education that led to her extensive and distinguished teaching career in deaf education. Presented to junior or senior students majoring in communication sciences and disorders who show strong character and a respect for humanity. Academic merit, attitude, service to the school and consideration of financial need are all areas emphasized in the selection.

Outstanding Clinician Award
Presented to communication sciences and disorders student clinicians who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and exceptional competency in assessing and treating individuals with communication disorders.
Presented to: Laura Roche, speech-language pathology

Outstanding Graduates
This award is presented to outstanding graduates in the class for exceptional academic achievement, clinical performance, and service to the pro-fession, the school and the community.