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Prospective Students

Q: I am interested in attending Ohio University and majoring in a program in the College of Health Sciences & Professions. Is there someone I can meet with when I come to campus?
A: You can contact Student Services at 740-593-9336 to set up an appointment.

Current Students

Q: I am an Undecided student, but I am interested in learning about some of the majors in the College of Health Sciences & Professions. Who can I talk to?
A: You can contact our Retention & Advising Coordinator, Sara White at to schedule an appointment.

Q: I need to add or change my advisor, where do I go in order to do that?
A: The Student Services office in Grover Center W 370 will assist you in filling out a form and assigning you an academic advisor.

Q: I have filled out a DARS petition to substitute or waive a course, when or how will I know if that is approved?
A: You will receive an email stating whether your request has been approved or denied, and it will also appear on your updated DARS, if it is approved. This process can take up to two weeks.

Q: I do not plan to enroll in classes at Ohio University for the upcoming term. Do I need to sign any papers or make any final actions in this college before leaving?
A: If you plan on completing your current term of enrollment, you are responsible for making sure you have removed all holds on your account, (if applicable) cancel your financial aid at OU for the following term, return any library books, DO NOT register for classes, and that (if applicable) you check out of your residence hall. Other than that, no final steps need to be taken at the Student Services office.

Q: I want to drop a class after the final drop date, can I still do this?
A: In order to drop a class after the final date you need a liable reasoning other than simply receiving a bad grade, laziness, poor attendance, etc. You should meet with your advisor to discuss this problem, and if the advisor approves then come to the Student Services in Grover Center W370 and fill out a form to drop a class after the final date. The form will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Student Services. You will be contacted via U.S. mail with the decision. You may also check your official Ohio University schedule at your My Ohio Student portal. If you wish to withdraw before the end of the term, please use the academic calendar for withdraw dates. Online RN to BSN students deadlines are locate on the program website.

Q: My schedule this term is going to exceed 20 credit hours, how do I get this approved?
A: In the Student Services office in Grover Center W370 you can submit a form for approval to exceed 20 credit hours. Please not additional fees will apply! If the class requires a pink slip, be sure to bring it to the office with you.

Q: Who can check over my DARS to make sure I’m on track for my upcoming graduation?
A: You can always view your updated DARS online, by logging in to your My Ohio Student portal . However, if you would prefer a personal consultation, you can meet with your advisor with a copy of your most up-dated DARS. Either way, all soon-to-be graduating seniors will receive an email from Terese Sherman stating if there are any unmet degree requirements.

Q: Where can I get my DARS / what if DARS?
A: Whether for scheduling or just for your own interest, anyone can view and print off a copy of their DARS on their page. If you would like to update it, click on the “request new audit” button.

Q: Why is there a hold on my account when I’m trying to schedule?
A: You may have an outstanding balance with the Bursar’s office, or you haven’t met with your advisor during quarterly advising meetings. Your advisor likes to meet with you in person to answer any of your questions with regards to schedule and they also have to “unlock” you from their computer in order to schedule. You may click on the negative indicator symbol in your My Ohio portal and find the reason for your hold. There may be other account holds that need addressed. You can check any holds on your account through your My Ohio Student portal and contact information for these holds will be provided.

Q: Where do I go to add / drop a major?
A: If the major you want to add is in the College of Health Science and Professions, then you would come to the Student Services Office in Grover Center W370, to fill out an “Application for Update of Program” form. At this point in time you can also add any minor, or drop any current program that you are in using this same form. NOTE** If the major you are trying to add is within another college, you must go to that college’s Student Services office to initiate that change.

Q: Where do I go to take a class pass/fail?
A: Come to the Student Services Office in Grover Center W370 and fill out the paperwork here. Pass/Fail cannot be used to fulfill a requirement. Form will be accepted during the first fourteen days of the quarter only. You can access the academic calendar for pass/fail deadlines.

Q: If I want to take a class at a different institution and see if it’s equivalent to a school here at Ohio University, where do I go?
A: Come to the Student Services Office in Grover Center W370, and fill out a DARS Adjustment Petition form to get pre-approval. Also, several Ohio institutions transfer equivalencies can be found here:

Q: If I want one class to substitute or waive another class, where do I go?
A: Come to the Student Services Office in Grover Center W370, and fill out a DARS Adjustment Petition form.

Q: Can I send emails from addresses outside of my Catmail address?
A: The Student Services will only send emails to your Ohio University email. You should also send all university emails through that account.

Q: What information do I need to have before I come into the Student Services office?
A: You need to have your PID number ready when you come into the office.

Q: Where do I turn in my DARS Adjustment Petition?
A: You can turn in your DARS Adjustment Petition to the Student Services Office in Grover Center W370. This form must be turned in at least two weeks before any documentation is required.

Online Students

RN to BSN students

Q: Who should I contact with questions if I am an RN to BSN student?
A: First, you should check your program website at
If you have additional questions, you can contact your academic adviser or the School of Nursing.

Q: I am an RN to BSN student and need to drop a class, how do I do this?
A: Since you cannot withdraw from all classes online, you need to email the College of Health Sciences & Professions at stating your name, PID, and reasoning to drop. You will hear back shortly stating (in your specific situation) what steps can be taken from this point. All emails should be sent from your official Ohio University Catmail account. 

Q: I am an online student in an area other than nursing, who do I contact with my questions?
A: Other online students should contact their assigned academic advisor.