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Environmental Health / Occupational Hygiene and Safety Lab


School of Public Health Sciences and Professions Office
Grover Center W324


E318 Grover Center

About the facility

The Environmental Health / Occupational Hygiene and Safety Lab is equipped to help instruct students on sampling and analysis methods. Installed facilities include an autoclave, dual fumehoods, LCD projector and audio system, vacuum, gas, and compressed air.


The facility, which seats 18, contains a vacuum, gas and air. It also has an autoclave to make sterile preparations and to decontaminate biological wastes.has modern sampling and analysis equipment including a trinocular microspope with image capture system, a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, incubator, exposure chambers, in-ear audiometric testing system, multiple noise dosimeters, sound pressure level meters with octave band filter sets, slipmeters, pitot tube and manometer setups, high and low flow personal air sampling pumps, thermoanenometers, a wind tunnel, ionization and G-M meters, colorimetric gas sampling tube systems, wet bulb globe thermometers, an infrared spectromphotometer, ppb UV detector, and HazDust realtime particle monitors.