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Ohio University Sample MSN:  AG-ACNP Calendar

Subject to change

A sample program of study for an MSN: AG-ACNP student is listed below. This is being offered for consideration only and subject to change. Students will receive a finalized program of study once they start their program or after discussion with the School of Nursing. All clinical/practicum hours for each clinical/practicum course must be completed by the end of the 14 week semester.

Semester and Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
NRSE 7810 Leadership, Role and Collaboration 3
NRSE 7210 Advanced Pathophysiology in Nursing Practice 3
NRSE 7001 Professional Presence 1
NRSE 7811 Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice 3
NRSE 7220 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NRSE 7812 Quality and Safety in Population Health 3
NRSE 7230 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Practitioners (Pre-Clinical OCI) 4
NRSE 6843 AG-ACNP Clinical Course I (250 hours) (Clinical Skills OCI) 6
NRSE 7818 Diagnostic Reasoning 2
NRSE 6844 AG-ACNP Clinical Course II (250 hours) 6
NRSE 6845 AG-ACNP Clinical Course III (250 hours) 6
  Total Credits: 40
  Total Practicum Hours: 750

Our program has opportunities for students to connect in On-Campus Intensive experiences (OCI) for specific instruction and assessment. In a virtual OCI, student connect through a secure online platform. In a Clinical Skills Workshop, students work with faculty to develop clinical reasoning and procedural skills through a range of simulation and other modalities.