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Ask a Student

As you are checking out various PT Schools, we hope that you take the time to fully consider the OHIO Division of Physical Therapy. The faculty, staff and students are always happy to answer your questions. Many of the questions that prospective students ask are answered in various parts of web pages, but some of the questions are better answered by students. Feel free to use the tweet at­ @OhioDPT ­using the hashtag #AskAStudent to ask questions about the program. You can also just click the button below! A current student will help you navigate the system. Also, check out our FAQ’s on this page, you might find the answer to your question there.


1. What are the pre-requisite courses for the OU PT program?

Courses followed by (#) must include a lab component. Courses followed by a (*) must be taken at a four-year institution.

  • One course in descriptive & inferential Statistics (PSY2210 or MATH2500)
  • One course in Development/Child Psych that includes basic principles of human development
  • One additional Psychology course (excluding Statistics)
  • Introduction to Zoology or one semester of biology (#)
  • Human Anatomy (*#)
  • Human Physiology (*#)
  • Exercise Physiology (Ex Phys Lab is not required) (*)
  • Chemistry Principles or Fundamentals or one year of chemistry for science majors (#)
  • Introduction to Physics or one year of physics for science majors (#)

2. What is the average GRE score and the average GPA?

The average GPA of incoming students is 3.7. The average GRE score is 150 for each the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections.

3. What major is the best for getting into PT school?

It does not matter as long as you have completed all of the pre-requisites.

4. How much are tuition and fees at Ohio University for the PT program?

In-state tuition and fees is $4,807 and out of state is $ 8,803 per semester (2014).

5. What type of graduate assistantships and scholarships are available?

There are on average 5 graduate assistantships given out to each incoming class. As you progress through the program there are more opportunities to earn a GA positions within the Division of PT as well as in other departments. All of these positions completely cover tuition and provide a stipend. There are also some partial GA assistantships that are available.

6. What is the class size?

44 students

7. What is the student to faculty ratio?

Approximately 12:1

8. When are the clinicals during the curriculum?

  • The part-time clinical occurs in the first year of the program in a variety of local hospital and rural clinical facilities.
  • Clinical Practicum I – 8 weeks, 2nd segment of Fall Semester of 2nd year
  • Clinical Practicum II – 12 weeks, Summer Semester of 3rd year
  • Clinical Practicum III/Clinical Practicum IV – 16 weeks, Spring Semester of 3rd year (can be completed as either one 16 week or two 8 week clinical rotations depending on clinic availability and student’s educational/career goals)

9. What are the best housing options for graduate students?

Check out this PDF for a listing of the housing options