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Applying to the DPT Program


General Information

The OU DPT program begins at the start of Ohio University's summer term in May 2017.


The application deadline through PTCAS is October 1, 2016







You may apply to the School of Physical Therapy if you meet the following eligibility requirements:


1. You must have a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale, and you must have minimum GPA of 3.0 for the prerequisite courses (see the link "Prerequisite Course Information" on the right). The average GPA of recent classes has been approximately 3.6 to 3.7. If you retake a class, the two (or more) grades are averaged in the GPA calculation.


2. You must have completed approximately 2/3 of the Life and Physical Science prerequisites by the end of the Fall Quarter/Semester in which you apply. The remainder of the Behavioral, Life and Physical Science prerequisites must be completed during the Winter and Spring Quarter/Semesters following submission of your application. The OU DPT program begins at the start of OU's summer term and all prerequisites must be completed before the start of classes.



Application process


Complete online application for the Ohio University Division of Physical Therapy via PTCAS by the specified deadline date (October 1, 2016)


PTCAS has an Active Update Period when you enter your required fall grades.


Submit a transcript with Fall grades posted to the Physical Therapy program at Ohio University as soon as it is available to:

Physical Therapy Admissions Committee

Grover Center W290

School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Ohio University

Athens Ohio 45701-2979



Selection Criteria for Admission


The admissions committee of the School of Physical Therapy may consider the following items in selecting eligible applicants.

1. Overall GPA

2. Prerequisite GPA

3. GRE Scores

4. References

5. Strength of academic preparation

6. Relevant life experience

7. Preview day interview


Applications from all undergraduate institutions are evaluated equally. While no specific number of seats is reserved for Ohio University students, an attempt is made to have at least 50% Ohio University students.


Prerequisite Course Inquiries

To access descriptions of the prerequisite courses required for the program, click "Prerequisite Course Information" at the right. Click on "Equivalent Prerequisite Guide" to access equivalency information for a limited number of colleges/universities. It may be helpful for students who have taken prerequisite coursework at those schools.


If after reading about our prerequisite requirements on both our OU Physical Therapy website and the OU information posted by PTCAS, you have a question about a specific prerequisite, please do the following:


Send an email to stating:


1. The pre-requisite you wish to fulfill, example: Developmental Psychology.

2. State the course prefix and number of the course you wish to use, example: Psych 120.

3. State the number of credit hours.

4. State whether the hours are quarter hours or semester hours.

5. State the institution offering the course.

6. Enter the course's catalogue description.

7. Please include any other pertinent information.


Preview/Interview Day

Eligible, competitive applicants will be invited to a Preview/Interview Day. Preview/Interview Day is traditionally held in November. Specific dates will be posted early November. Candidates will be notified whether or not they have been selected for the Preview/Interview Day.

The purpose of this event is to provide applicants an opportunity to view the facilities, interact with current faculty and students, and evaluate the program curriculum and philosophy. There is also an individual interview session with one of the PT faculty.


This event will include:


Tours of the Ohio University campus and Physical Therapy facilities.

  • Overview of the Physical Therapy Curriculum and philosophy.
  • Opportunity to hear about research projects being conducted by faculty and staff.
  • Presentation by a financial aid representative.
  • Meetings with faculty and students.
  • Open ended sessions, both group sessions and individual interviews, allow applicants to ask faculty and students pertinent questions regarding our program and provide a chance to gather information. The applicant will be given the opportunity to ask questions about any part of the program and to discuss any concerns they may have.


Contact Information

Please contact PTCAS directly for questions regarding the required centralized application.

For questions regarding the admissions process for Ohio University's Physical Therapy Program, contact us at 740-593-1221 or


For Ohio University's additional guidelines for international applicants, click on the "International Students" link below.