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About the Program

Welcome to the Division of Physical Therapy. We encourage you to explore our program and compare it to others as you research physical therapy education.

Physical therapy was one of the first programs added after Ohio University formed the College of Health and Human Services — the predecessor of today’s College of Health Sciences and Professions — in 1979. The physical therapy degree program accepted its first undergraduate students in 1983. The graduate program launched in 1996 with a master’s degree, followed by the doctoral program in 2003. The graduate programs consistently rank among the top professional physical therapy preparation programs in the nation by U.S. News and World Report and other respected publications.

Students have multiple opportunities to practice their skills, including Ohio University Therapy Associates, the college-run clinic. In addition, students often collaborate with their fellows in the College of Health Sciences and Professions and the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in clinical settings to demonstrate the continuum of care across disciplines.

Ohio University students are encouraged to participate in research, and physical therapy faculty frequently include students in their work. The school maintains labs for research in biomaterials, motor control, muscle mechanics, and integrative muscle physiology where faculty and students alike can explore areas of interest.

Mission Statement

The Division of Physical Therapy is dedicated to excellence and leadership in preparing future physical therapists with the knowledge, behavior, and skills required to function within the diverse roles of the contemporary health care environment.

We provide students (from entry-level to post-professional residents) with the foundation to become expert clinicians through rigorous preparation built upon evidence-based practice principles, critical thinking, altruism, integrity, ethical conduct, and professional responsibility.

Faculty, students, and residents engage in the generation and dissemination of research and scholarship that advances the practice of physical therapy. We strive to enrich the community through clinical outreach.

Why Choose the Division of Physical Therapy?

  • The First Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program in Ohio
  • 100 percent first-time passing rate in 2006, 2008-2012 and 2014-2017 on the NPTE
  • Students exceed national exam scores in core clinical areas of patient examination and treatment strategies
  • Emphasis on multidisciplinary clinical experiences
  • Many service learning opportunities in one of Ohio’s most severely underserved areas
  • Ranked among the top 100 PT programs in the US by US News and World Report