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T.A.L.K. Lab

Joann Benigno

W247 Grover Center

About the Facility


All projects conducted in the T.A.L.K. Lab are motivated by the integration of research practices in Developmental Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders. Our primary research interests involve key transitions in language and cognition in infancy through the preschool years with a particular focus on (1) the reciprocal relations among children's social, cognitive, and language skills and (2) how these skills impact the interactions they share with others, such as parents, peers, and older siblings. We are particularly interested in how social understanding, language, and executive functioning unfold in children who are typically developing and how to best facilitate these skills in children with (or at risk for developing) communication disorders and delays. 



The T.A.L.K. lab is housed in two research spaces: one for data collection and one for data processing. The data collection space is equipped with videocameras, a quad-splitter, a computer workstation, and an array of standardized tests and laboratory tasks. The data processing space is equipped with three computer workstations outfitted with software for data transcription, coding, and analysis.