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Honors Tutorial Program

About the Program
The Honors Tutorial College (HTC) Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) aims to provide qualified students with a research-oriented undergraduate experience through individualized training in the hearing, speech and language sciences.
As with all other HTC programs at Ohio University, the philosophy of the HTC program in CSD is based on the idea that education is aimed at intellectual growth rather than static transmission of knowledge. Students are seen as active participants of their education rather than passive receivers of instruction. They are also expected to cultivate scientific ways of thinking in addition to obtaining factual knowledge. Consequently, high motivation and intellectual independence are the qualities expected of HTC students. Compared to the traditional baccalaureate CSD program, the individualized nature of the HTC program requires the students to assume more responsibility in their own education.
The HTC program in CSD starts in the fall semester of junior year. Prospective students apply for admission during spring semester of sophomore year with recommendation from a faculty member. Admitted students undertake the required coursework, tutorials, and thesis in their junior and senior years. Students receive a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders upon successful completion of the requirements. This design is motivated by a number of considerations.

  • First, completion of foundational courses in the freshman and sophomore years is essential for students to take full advantage of the tutorial education.
  • Second, academic performance in the foundational coursework allows both the faculty and the prospective students to evaluate the aptitude and fit for the tutorial mode of learning.
  • Finally, faculty members endorsing prospective students may serve as potential thesis advisors.

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