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Gerontology Certificate

About the Program
The College of Health Sciences and Professions and College of Arts and Sciences jointly sponsor the Undergraduate Gerontology Certificate.

The program is designed for students in any major who want to gain knowledge and skills for a career that involves working with elderly people.

Since the knowledge and research associated with aging overlaps a variety of disciplines, the course work spans several Ohio University academic departments. Health care, social services, recreation, mental health, education, administration and business are examples of service areas that employ large numbers of persons working with the aging population.

Students seeking the Undergraduate Gerontology Certificate can expect coursework exploring these topics:

  • Aging, physical activity and recreation
  • Interprofessional gerontology
  • Long-term care administration
  • Health aspects of aging
  • Alternatives to traditional long-term care
  • Psychology of adulthood and aging
  • Aging and disorders of communication
  • Thinking about death: belief and practice
  • Counseling older adults
  • Mental health and social work
  • Aging in American society

Students interested in pursuing the certificate can obtain an application form from their college’s student services office. After completing the application and obtaining the certificate coordinator’s signature, they should return the form to their college’s student services office. Each academic period on the student’s DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) Report, students can track their progress in the certificate program. The Undergraduate Gerontology Certificate will be awarded upon graduation if the student has successfully completed the requirements, and a notation of the certificate will be recorded on the student’s transcript.