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Bachelor of Science in CSD (B.S.C.S.D.)

About the Program
Ohio University’s nationally recognized Bachelor of Science degree program in Communication Sciences and Disorders ensures a well-rounded undergraduate education. It develops both the scientific and humanistic aspects of students with a strong emphasis on communication abilities, scholarship, professionalism, service, and multicultural engagement.

Some reasons to choose CSD as a Major

  • You enjoy the intellectual stimulation and intrigue of integrating studies across a vast array of disciplines and academic interest areas.
  • You enjoy its balance of art with science.
  • You are attracted to a sense of service and contribution to people with disabilities and communication problems in general. 
  • You desire to have the fundamentals necessary for graduate study in audiology or speech-language pathology as well as for a wide selection of other graduate school and career paths. (Note: A graduate degree is essential to practice clinically as a SLP or an Audiologist.)

Career Opportunities:
What can you do with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders?

  • Career possibilities are vast and are expected to grow in the future for students who go on to complete a graduate degree in the field. (Note: Minimum requirements for clinical practice are a master’s degree for speech-language pathology, and a clinical doctorate for audiology)
  • Professional contexts for clinicians include public and private schools, early enrichment programs, hospitals, rehabilitation agencies, private practice, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, retirement centers, and universities.
  • Audiologists address a wide range of issues related to hearing and auditory processing, and are involved in helping people adapt to hearing problems through hearing aids, cochlear implants, and a vast array of other technologies as well as social, educational and work-related strategies.
  • Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat a vast array of problems, including difficulty with speech articulation, literacy, swallowing, and language production and understanding. They also work as team members in helping individuals with such life-affecting conditions as mental retardation, stroke, brain injury, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and HIV/AIDS.
  • U.S News and World Report ranked Audiology as being among the top 50 career options for 2009. Additionally, Accent -Reduction Specialist was considered to be one of the “Best kept secret careers” CNN money lists a career in Speech-Language Pathology as being among the top 10 “least stressful careers” and also as being among the “Best 50 jobs in America”.



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