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School Nurse License

About the Program

If you are licensed as an RN in Ohio, you are eligible to apply for admission to the School Nurse License program. You can complete the program under one of three plans:

  • If you are an RN with a B.S.N. degree, take only the additional courses required to meet the Ohio Department of Education’s licensure requirements. If you are an RN who wishes to complete the B.S.N. and the School Nurse License simultaneously, follow the B.S.N. program of study and use the required School Nurse License courses as part of that degree.
  • If you are an RN who seeks to complete a B.S. degree not in nursing, consult with both your major advisor and the School Nurse License advisor to develop a program.
  • If you do not have a B.S. degree in some area, you will have to earn one. This involves meeting University General Education requirements and graduation requirements, in addition to the major requirements and School Nurse Licensure requirements. Your file will be reviewed, and credit transferred from other accredited institutions will be used to meet requirements wherever possible.

If you hold a B.S.N., you will likely have met the nursing course requirements (NRSE) listed below. If you earned your B.S.N. at another

university, course descriptions from previous schools might be required to determine equivalent coursework.



EDCS 400 School, Society, and the Prof. Educator Credit: 4
HCCF 360 Human Sexualities Credit: 4
HLTH 204 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Credit: 4
HLTH 345 School Health Credit: 4
NRSE 300 Transitions in Nursing Credit: 5
NRSE 305 Intro to School Nursing Credit: 4
NRSE 310 Health Appraisal Credit: 4
NRSE 325 Health Intervention in Nursing Credit: 5
NRSE 330 Family Nursing Credit: 4
NRSE 341 Nursing: Community Health Credit Hours: 5
NRSE 461A School Nurse Seminar: Early Childhood Credit: 1
NRSE 461C School Nurse Practice: Early Childhood Credit: 4
NRSE 462A School Nurse Seminar: Middle Childhood Credit: 1
NRSE 462C School Nurse Practice: Middle Childhood Credit: 4
NRSE 463A School Nurse Seminar: Late Childhood Credit: 1
NRSE 463C School Nurse Practice: Late Childhood Credit: 4
PSY 233 Psychology of Personality Credit: 4
or PSY 332 Abnormal Psychology Credit: 4
PSY 273 Child and Adolescent Psychology Credit: 4
PSY 275 Educational Psychology Credit: 4