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Nutrition Club Assists Kairos with Meal Prep for Incarcerated

Nutrition Club Assists Kairos with Meal Prep for Incarcerated

Kairos is an organization with a mission that addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families. On Oct. 5-8, Kairos planned a weekend preparing homemade meals for the prisoners in Athens. Some of the nutrition club members, including Sydney Richards, Haley Lepior, Austin Keith, Kate Kondik, Sarah Boyd, Olivia Dipio, Leah Norman, Kelly Lane, and Sarah Danner, volunteered to help prepare these meals. These students learned the importance of helping others and learned first-hand how important it is to not judge someone and that mistakes made in the past do not define who someone is in the present.

The volunteers spent time preparing the food, cooking the meals, and praying for the prisoners. Kairos members then delivered and shared a meal with the prisoners to provide love and support and so they would not feel lonely or ignored. 

The support of Karios can help inmates realize their importance as an individual. Providing a homemade meal and some socialization in a supportive environment not only increases self-efficacy, but also encourages future life aspirations. 

The inmates were given a weekend to feel as though their identity isn’t a prisoner, but a person who is loved.