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Meet recent IHS graduate Amy Gladstone

Meet recent IHS graduate Amy Gladstone

Amy Gladstone is a fall 2020 graduate of the Bachelor of Integrated Healthcare Studies program. Amy plans to continue her education at Ohio University and has been accepted to the Master of Public Health program.  Learn more about Amy below.

What are your personal and professional goals?

My personal goal is to continue with Ohio University for my MPH degree.  I have achieved this by being accepted into the program.  Promoting quality of health through prevention and control of disease personally interests me.  My professional goal is to obtain a career in which I can help possibly teach as well as work within a healthcare facility or government program to help ensure ways in which people can be healthy.

How do you feel your IHS courses help support you in achieving your goals?

My IHS courses gave me the foundations and confidence I needed to be ready for my future, and in my case graduate studies.  The IHS coursework was great for heightening my interests and helped lead me to the right graduate program for myself.

What are some of your outside of school interests that make you who you are?

Outside of school I’ve enjoyed being part of the medical field.  I love art, music, playing with my two dogs, and watching my kids play their sports.

If you could positively impact a health disparity what would you focus on?

If I could positively impact a health disparity, I would focus on how healthcare is accessed.  I worry about how minorities, veterans, elderly, and poorer populations receive and access their care and the frequency of how it’s available to them.

What makes you smile?

The sun, my dogs, my kids, and helping others.

What makes you unique?

I always try to see the good in others and find a way to relate to all.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies would like to congratulate Amy on her recent graduation and wish her the best of luck with her next endeavor!